how i feel about tobacco essay

Tobacco in my opinion is one of the deadliest things for you. It can cause permanent damage to your lunges and most of the time it causes cancer. A lot of people lose their lives early in life because of tobacco use. People lose lots of years off their life because of smoking cigarettes. In the past couple decades most teens try some sort of tobacco at a young age.

And most end up getting addicted at such a young age. Tobacco use at such a young age can cause you to have even more problems and get cancer sooner it is very life threatening.Most parents these days Just let their kids do what they want knowing how harmful it is to their child. Thousands of people die each year from cancer caused by tobacco. Many that are living with cancer will tell you how dangerous it is and the serious consequences of it. ABC news stated that even though the laws designed to keep cigarettes away from kids, 34 percent of U.

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S. high school students and 15 percent of middle school students use tobacco products. They also said that 90 percent of tobacco users started using tobacco at or before the age of 18.In my opinion you can’t control what kids are going to do but you can make sure they are aware of the consequences of their actions! Wars to help prevent teens from smoking would be possibly opening up groups and tobacco classes in schools about what it causes. I believe it would help open some people’s eyes to how bad tobacco really is for you. There is no point to chewing or smoking it does not help you at all it Just makes you unhealthy and you become addicted to it and it will be hard to quit. If teens and adults would Just think about it there is no point to tobacco.



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