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How is leadership behavior important to trust development within a team environment?

Today’s workforce depends highly on having great employees who are engaged and loyal. It also depends on those who are critical thinkers, great decision makers and are able to work in a team environment toward a common goal or initiative. What today’s workforce needs more of, are leaders who build trust within their teams. According to Braun, S et al. (2013), Team perception of supervisors yield positive relationship with team outcomes. Leadership Tips (2017) from Simon Sinek advises organizations either succeed or fail because of their level of leadership. It’s important that leaders have a firm grasp on how to lead and build trust within their teams as this is one of the most critical elements that help team members bond with each other and work together seamlessly toward their common goals (Turaga, R. 2013). Trust is the foundation of every successful relationship, be it professional or personal.
In today’s times when teams have to work together, it’s important they trust each other (Turaga, R. 2013). Team Leaders who facilitate knowledge sharing and engender trust contribute to team effectiveness (Lee, P et al. 2010). Group leaders can help teams establish a level of trust among themselves by helping them understand the behaviors that build trust (McKenna, P.J., ; Maister, D.H. 2002). A significant place to start is for leaders to ask their group members to identify and share when doing they typically trust or distrust someone. When a team member doesn’t trust each other, it can wreak havoc on the organization’s culture and can create a hostile work environment that can contaminate other teams.
Managers and leadership personnel are the heart of any organization and their behaviors are usually observed by subordinates as an examination of the companies culture and commitment to its mission, values, and employees. Although creating and sustaining trust is not always easy it can be accomplished with a positive attitude, a willingness to be open and vulnerable, and good communication.

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