How following study are targeted towards men’s

How Social Media’s
Beauty Standard Affects Sunway Students Mentally.

According to Engeln-Maddox (2006) research on expectations
associated with media ideals, the research’s shows that women believes that by
having the ideal female beauty standard, their lives would change in important
and positive ways. Following up with this result stated, women from the survey
did not mentioned how their lives would change but it is told that the
expectations of having ideal female beauty standard were more attractive.
Therefore, it is overwhelming positive thinking among women. ADD ONE MORE KEY FIGURE

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The following study are targeted towards men’s perspective
of social media and media images on body and self-esteem. Cody l., E. Walker,
Yakushko and L. Peugh (2007) found out that social media ideal media images
only affects men in negative ways in terms of feelings and self-confidence. It
also gives out the fact that all these physical characteristics are
unchangeable for them. Furthermore, it would lead to negative impact and
changes on body esteem and the expectation and reality of body image showed on
social media platform. ADD

After viewing the studies of ‘Social Media Use, Body Image,
and Psychological Well-Being: A Cross-Cultural Comparison of Korea and the
United States’ by Lee, Lee, Choi, Kim and Han (2014), the findings were to be
said that the exposure of social media’s beauty standard do affects our
psychological well-being. As this article is about the comparison of Korea and
United States, Koreans who are more active on social media platform such as
Instagram, Blogs, Facebook and more are more likely to have a better body image
compare to those who doesn’t use social media platform. I believe this is due
to the confidence build by posting photos on social media and receiving likes
or pleasant comments. On the other hand, people in the United States do use
social media for self-status but it is not related with their body images and
their confidence level. This study also found out that by having high
self-esteem that generated from the satisfaction of their own body images,
psychological well-being does increase as well.


The Relationship Between
the Exposure of Social Media’s Beauty Standard and the Ideal Body Image.

Previous research carried out by Cohen and Blaszczynski
(2015), Facebook users was found to predict a higher dissatisfaction towards
their own body image and associated with higher eating disorder to achieve the
perfect body image. The key finding in this research also shows that Facebook
do affect appearance comparison, but other elements should also be counted such
as the mindset of Facebook users as how they see and compare their appearance
on social media platform and model images as well. This research linked usage
of Facebook with appearance comparison and eating disorder. It all goes with
the higher the time spent on Facebook being expose to ideal body images, the
likely the person to have dissatisfaction towards their body which leads to
eating disorder. It is all connected in a way that the users do not realise
that social media is giving them these kind of mindset and impact.

While all the above studies provided sufficient information
on social media’s beauty standard and its relationship with ideal body images,
we also need to focus on the fact that the mass media is trying to portray
impractical body images for female beauty standard (Levine & Harrison,
2009; Schemer, 2003). It is proven that throughout the years with social
media’s beauty standard, ideal body images get thinner but in fact the body
mass index (BMI) of female in western countries has been increasing. In the
study of Idealized Female Beauty, Social Comparison, and Awareness Intervention
Material that were conducted by Arendt, Peter and Beck (2016), women watching
the important content of awareness video can reduce the social comparison
process of female beauty. The author used a specially designed awareness video
that creates idealized beauty using models. It is also predicted that the
process root negative effects towards women on their body dissatisfaction and
other similar negative consequences. ADD YOUR OPINION

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