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A wish is a will for something to happen. Wishes mostly come when we are serving the consequences of our choices. Life is an ocean of choices, even refusing to choose is making a choice. We make decisions every day and some of these choices make us wish we had chosen differently. Failed relationships, missed job opportunities, dropping out of school, imprisonment, name them…are but just some examples of consequences of choices that lead to wish…’A brother who
had many chances but failed to muster the courage to propose to a lady ended up losing her to another zealous brother who with simply one opportunity to speak to her won her heart while the former remained to court his wishes.

I wish the word ‘wish’ didn’t exist so our lives would just be a progress, we would be happy having no regrets and perhaps no sadness. We would be easily accepting what life makes us go through and perhaps living a life full of hope, hope that does not disappoint, we would be prisoners of hope and contentment rather than of wishes. We would be easily brushing off negative thoughts and focus on the positive.

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We are accustomed to making poor decisions and blaming it on the others. Here are a couple of things you can do so that instead of wishing you get to work things out.
1. Forgive
Forgiving sets you free. let go of grudges, free yourself, do it for your own soul. Whether the one who wronged you asks for forgiveness or not just let it go. They may say sorry but if you don’t take the initiative to forgive you will still be a victim of the pain and agony in your heart. Forgive when its still early and move on with your life. Time heals even the deepest wound but forgiveness and asking for forgiveness acts as a catalyst towards the healing.
2. Have time for the people you care about.
Spend some more time with those you love; family, friends, a lover…your job could be time taking together with the side jobs one may be having to make ends meet but alongside it, one has to ensure they have time for their loved ones. Work is important but so are they! Do this lest you lose them or they feel you don’t care and you end up with wishes.
3.Grab every opportunity
Opportunity is not evenly distributed, it comes once or rarely, make good use of it while it lasts. Better to try and fail than letting that opportunity slip away.
4. Leave the past to the past.
Never drag your past into your future, its an abomination. It denies you the opportunity to enjoy the future. Appreciate that you went through it, that it knocked you down but u didn’t let it trample over you and that you survived. Never even wish you didn’t go through it, stop whining and reach out for a better future.
5. Be bold.
Fear is temporary but regrets last. Do not give in because of fear. Boldness in standing for what you believe in will earn you respect, in the end, fear will leave your dignity muddy.
6.Embrace challenges.
You may not have the complete power to control the challenges life throws in your path but you have the power to choose whether they build you or break you. Stars shine brighter at night, you can clearly see them so consequently during hardships you can still count your blessings.
7. Heed to advice.
It is said that an old man seated on a stool sees further than a young man on top of a tree.much as you believe in yourself consider the advice you are given. Experience is the best teacher but the wise learn it from the others’ experiences.
8. Embrace positive thinking.
Embrace the power of positive thinking. Occasionally pat yourself on the shoulder and say,’ I can do it, I can handle it, I will get over it.’ That’s the spirit! ‘ The pessimist sees a difficulty in every opportunity. The optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty.” Winston Churchill.

Therefore, grant wishes the wishes.’ I wish I was rich-go ahead and work on to be that rich.’ When given an opportunity to love, do it fully without reservations, given an opportunity to study? Give it the best! Get high scores, given an opportunity to lead, show others the right way, be the good example they can emulate, be the change the society craves for. Step out of the scene of wishes, get your hands on the plough, don’t look back, go ahead and better your life and that of others.
Thank You.

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