How many important details to be remembered,

How to plan a perfect party

Parties are to celebrate a special event and memorable occasions. Here is how you can make this party a happy occasion for both the guests and the host. Planning any surprise party for anyone can be fun and exciting. Whoever is planning to throw this party for that special person wants to know how they are going to react to this surprise. Although the most important thing in planning a party is being organized so when you plan a party, there are many important details to be remembered, setting, theme and decorations, guest list, menu, high-security in front of the door.

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The first step is to decide on the date time to decide on and place of the party. After we have chosen the date and time and place, and that’s all available, Its time to choose a theme you would like. The theme is where you get ideas for invitations, and even games, for the invitations you can tell your guests what party to expect, for example, is it a water party, beach party, skate figure and so on. So you want to make sure that both your theme and invitation match up.

The next step in planning a party is having to decide on the menu, and what you want to have on there. Finger food is always a great route at first because they are simple and there is lots of variety to choose from, having the different variety of cupcake for guests to choose from.

Finally, sending out your invitations to all the guests. Make sure the deadline is five days before the party. This will allow you to make any changes if it’s needed. Make sure to tell the guests that’s food and drinks will be provided

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