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In 1949, Convention 98 was adopted by the General Conference of the International Labour Organization. This convention outlines basic principles of freedom of association and right to collective bargaining. As students of HR, do you see the need for trade unions? Have trade unions outlived their usefulness? The Task 1. In your initial or first posting you should answer the following question. Notwithstanding ILO Convention 98, are trade unions relevant? 2. In your second posting, you need to respond to any of your colleague by adding substantially or refuting their body of work 3.In your postings, include the links to the websites and ite sources used in your research The International Labour Organization (ILO) is devoted to promoting social Justice and internationally recognized human and labour rights, pursuing its founding mission that labour peace is essential to prosperity. The Convention 98 notes its adoption on 1 July 1949.

After this the Convention covers, first, the rights of union members to organise independently, without interference by employers in article 1 to 3.Second, articles 4 to 6 require the positive creation of rights to collective bargaining, and that each member state’s law promotes it. Essentially, a trade union is an organization of employees which aims to protect and promote their interests in the workplace, mainly by means of collective bargaining and consultation with employers. The principal legislation on trade unions is contained in the Trade Union and Labour Relations (Consolidation) Act, 1992.

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In summary, a trade union is an organization based on membership of employees in various trades, occupations and professions, whose major focus is the representation of its members at the workplace and in the wider society. It particularly seeks to advance its interest through the process of rule- aking and collective bargaining. I am of the firm opinion that trade unions are relevant in our society. There are many factors which lends itself to the existence of trade unions. Trade unions level the playing field, without unionized labor, employers have an unfair level of control over work environments.

It is the labor that does all the hard work, creating the goods and services that a company provides. Without the support of unions, the labor has no way of ensuring their working environment is safe and fair. Employers can only be concerned with maximizing profits and efficiency. This doesn’t make them evil but simply smart, and one should not expect otherwise. The altruistic employer is the first to go out of business and subsequently that means that another entity has to be responsible for ensuring employee safety and welfare, and that is the union.By collecting the efforts and influence of the individual workers into a single cohesive unit, unions counterbalance the influence and motivations of employers and create a viable, healthy workforce that also becomes the consumer base in our economy, and the healthier and happier they are, the more the economy prospers from their buying. Further, trade unions also alntaln agreea conoltlons 0T employment, wnlcn Includes making sure tnat promises of any increase are honoured as well as negotiating on behalf of members when disputes arise.

Unions also protect their members and strive to ensure security of their Jobs by providing a mechanism allowing members to express any Job dissatisfaction and to highlight any developments at local level that might conflict with their Job specification and Job description. Members are provided with other services like information services regarding pension rights, car insurance schemes and advice regarding any areas of doubt concerning union directives. In closing, ccording to Wheeler, the labour arbitrator, who understands the pros and cons of being a union member better than most. On balance, I think workers are better off with a union than without one, by far,” References: Retrieved on 12 Nov , 2013 from http://www. foxbusiness. com/personal-finance/ 2012/04/10/pros-and-cons-Joining-labor-union/ Retrieved on 12 Nov , 2013 from http://business-finance.

blurtit. com/455734/what-are-the-advantages-and- disadvantages-of-trade-unions Retrieved on 12 Nov , 2013 from http://www. ilo. org/ global/standards/introduction-to-international-labour-standards/conventions-and- recommendations/lang–en/index. htm


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