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Human gender inequality, or in other words gender discrimination has overcome the world and placed numerous erratic roles onto the male and female sexes. The purpose of gender identity is much deeper than whether the person is male and female. All throughout humanity there were and still are distinction from both sexes. The distinction from traditional roles and encountering obstacles to achieving success and approval in roles. Conversely, men and women are not only just defined as gender roles, they have freedom to pursue the lifestyle that is best for themselves and their families. For example, the choice for women to be a permanent mother is a consistent in the traditional role of developing as a woman. However, the view of motherhood as career is arguably a nontraditional concept for the role. In contrast, men become more aware by tradition in motherhood their attitudes towards their first child’s birth. The traditional view for men and women both have correspondingly changed in the social norms, both work and family roles.
Many of fathers adopt more views on motherhood later in their lives, especially within part of housework and caregiving. The traditional gender understandings can also be seen in women on some occasions, but they also become more liberal on others. The change towards traditional views is more defined in men and brings wide range of issues. For the most part both men and women are expected to share equal housework and care for their children, especially if they both work. In this case, the idea of equality in both partners is expected, while some of partners show less support to their children, this causes men to show less supportive of household problem.

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