Human sources. 1.1.1 Methods to forecast HR

Human resources predict the labor demand and the impact; they will have on the business. An HR department predicts both short and long term staff needs based on various project sales, office growth and other sources.


Methods to forecast HR needs:

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Here at Hitech networks (Pvt.) Ltd. Typically past data is used to predict future staffing. Additionally, Hitech networks (Pvt.) Ltd use survey, benchmarking and modeling techniques to estimate workforce staffing numbers.

Employee’s recruitment & selection

Recruitment is the process of hiring a candidate with the knowledge, skills and experience necessary for a possible candidate’s choice so that an appropriate person can be selected to fill the job vacancy against the description and designated position.

Sources of candidates

In Hitech networks (Pvt.) Ltd. the potential candidates are hired from two sources, Internal and external sources. 
Internal sources

They recruit the employees internally through transfer of employees and promote our this process helps in maintaining the keeping the corporate knowledge in house and also it helps in minimizes the knowledge gap by retaining the current employee but at different position but still available and always willing to help in in training the new employee in that old job position. 
External sources

They recruit the employees through advertising and replacement of older employees and recommendations of existing employees and employees usually  refer only those which they think are competent and could prove to be an asset for the company and beside this their reputation is on the line because of the candidate they are referring .They advertise job vacancies in print media (Jang newspaper) through their vender “Future Vision”. And also they advertise on the company’s website:

Employment selection process:

The entire recruitment
process is done under HR dept.’s supervision

Any dept. wishing to hire/replace
a staff member put forward a formal request to HR dept., after approval of the
same from their respective HOD/GM/COO/CCO

HR forward the request to
CEO office for approval of new induction

Upon approval, HR collect
candidates through advertisement and CV pool bank

After interviewing and
short listing, HR put forward most appropriate candidates to relevant dept. for
further short listing

Upon 2nd short
listing, the decided candidates are presented in front of the panel for final

The successful candidate then
be taken up by HR for title, salary and compensation finalization according to
dept. budget

Training & development

In order to maintain a competitive advantage in the market, Hitech networks Pvt. Ltd. invest in training and development of their employees.  And here in Hitech networks Pvt. Ltd. Human Resource Development (HRM) emphasizes the training skills and skills of their future roles and tasks for their current work.

Training need assessment

Hitech networks Pvt. Ltd. conduct surveys to collect data to determine which training are required for  people and what are their needs to help them achieve their goals. This is an evaluation that looks at the employee and organizational knowledge, skills and abilities to identify a gap or crisis.


Employee development:

arrange different training programs time to time to improve employee’s skills
and their employees undergo varies training programs to acquire new knowledge
and skills.

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