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Human Resource Management (HRM) is a vital system in professional companies, it can be a significant source of competitive advantage, an important part of organizational strategies and also one method for organizations to make use of their manpower to attain their goals more successfully.

Organizations want to identify and select competent employees, so this first phase of the HRM process involves three tasks : human resource planning (HR planning), recruitment – decruitment, and selection.The first step is HR planning, it can help organizations avoid sudden people shortage and surplus. There are two steps, assessing current human resources and meeting future HR needs. Assessing current HR include job analysis, a job description and a job specification. Future HR needs are determined by the organization’s mission, goals, and strategies. These steps help managers estimate that organization will be understaffed or overstaffed and present detailed requirements for each position in order to guide upcoming job-seekers. Next step is recruitment and decruitment.

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Recruitment is locating and identifying capable applicants by Internet, employee referrals, company website, college recruiting and professional recruiting organizations. Decruitment is reducing an organization’s workforce by job sharing, transfers, attrition and other ways. This step is for controlling labor supply.

 Third step in the HRM process is selection, screening job applicants to determine who is best qualified for the job. Managers need to consider about validity and reliability when they make a selection decision. There are many types of selection tools including application forms, written tests, interviews and other ways. By these all steps, employers will know specific working in their jobs. This is realistic job preview (RJP), and it is important because it gives applicants more realistic expectations about the job.5. Management issues5.

1 HRM Planning Process  – Identify and selectAiming at executing a project without a hitch, initial Human Resource (HR) planning must be taken into consideration thoroughly since manpower takes the lead in making everything happens.  As for Oriental Consultant (OC), apply specifically for the Hanoi City Ring Road 3 Construction Project, the Project Manager (PM) represented for the expatriates – Mr. Mukaichi Hiroaki – is responsible for overall workmanship control with the assistance of the Office Manager (OM) – Mrs.

Nguyen Thuy Loan who is in charge of all local personnel. The managers begin HR planning by inventorying current employees. This inventory usually includes information on employees such as name, education, training, prior employment, languages spoken, special capabilities, and specialized skills. Sophisticated databases make getting and keeping this information quite easy.

(P.Robbins & Coulter, 2011) In order for the employers and the candidates to see the whole picture of the project Human Resource quantity and quality required, a contract is composed between the two parties cooperating for the project: Oriental Consultants Global Co., Ltd. and Katahira & Engineers International (KEI). This contract includes each party’s detailed list of current members, claims the demand for total number of workers together with their man-months needed for future project, detailed job descriptions and total assignments for each positions. Since the contract is the most important means of HR first step: identification and selection, therefore databases must be stored and updated attentively by the Contract Specialists (CS) who are responsible for Contract Administration of the civil works contract under the Project Manager. The CS will take overall control and responsibility over contract administration procedures.Below are the HR plans for some key positions composed in the contract and its job description according to the Office Manager:Before the Hanoi City Ring Road 3 Construction project  during 2010-2012, about 100 vacancies for interpreter, accountant, office supervisor, construction scene supervisor and other officers are opened.

The minimum requirements for the positions, in other words, job specification states that OC highly endorse hard-working, trustworthy, responsible people with strong experience in the field of either construction or translation, college degree quality is not as important. According to Mrs. Loan, during her years in charge of HRM, she noticed many cases when newly-graduated students with excellent score cannot perform well eventually; though they mastered the knowledge, they were unable to pick up actual tasks due to the lack of performance, moreover those employees were too rigid to be trained.5.2 Recruitment processIn consideration of searching for employees, OCG uses miscellaneous recruiting sources where engage numerous job seekers in the labor market. Internal recruitment is a fundamental method in the recruitment stage of each company. After thoroughly considering each sides’ contract requirements, both parties mobilize their personnel into the “pool of candidate”.

 According to Mrs. Loan (OM), who is responsible for OCG local workforce, the top priority of the company is to seek for employee referrals, the given reason is that she believes technical and specialized skills can be trained over time but attitude in workplace, teamwork understanding and building mutual trust are the matters of personality. Companies can develop fast thanks to individual skills but cannot grow strongly without core bonding. Employee referral source creates opportunities to connect between the organization and its current members’ friends, relatives, acquaintances who are promising candidates hoping to enter the company. These special employees will be guided in a tour to understand more about the company culture and structure then be introduced and trained about their position and daily activities by former co-workers.

As for external personnel, about 100 employees were hired during the period 2010-2012 under the command of OCG Project Manager and Office Manager. In order to meet such requirements, human resource must be found through mass media where job seekers immerse in, this kind of approach is called E-Recruiting (recruitment of employees through the Internet). The first main target of the company in searching for bright candidates is  through company’s website ( where exclusive detailed information about company’s goals, strength, services, etc. are published to clear away applicants’ ambiguous about their future choices and to self-measure their suitability towards the job.

The second method is receiving resumes from Vietnamworks – a World Wide Web designed allowing users to post or view job vacancies and interact with each others; it contains information, communications and other material and data formatted, organized and collected in a variety of forms that are generally accessible to users, including directories and databases. E-Recruitment reaches a large numbers of job-seekers and receives feedback immediately, however it brings about abundance of unqualified candidates. In addition, recruiting directly from colleges specializing for the job may reduce the risk since university scholars are being well-educated by professors and at the mean time constantly attempting to seek opportunities to develop their field. Up to recently, OCG have performed two college recruiting campaign in University of Transport and Communications (UTC) and University of Languages and International Studies (ULIS) which in turns represent for promising young generation within transportation and language fields.5.

3 Selection processEstablishing an organization shall meet the Employer’s requirement for the proper execution of the services, therefore testing procedure after selecting qualified resumes is essential to guarantee future performing results. As for OCG, after carefully considering and categorizing received resumes, a number of qualified Curriculum Vitae (CV) will be chosen for the interview session, company praises people with experienced background and high potential in promotion as prior criteria. Only candidates whose CVs are vague will be called for an 1 by 1 interview in re-ensure and clarify background information, the Office Manager is responsible for organizing the interviews. The others will be taken into different positions according to their chosen strength in the application form and work as trainees for at least one month with 20% full-time salary.5.4 StrengthsAccording to the findings, using each source has its own advantages in recruitment process of OCG. In terms of internal recruitment, employee referral is considered to be one of the best recruiting sources for the following reasons: The company will be able to find potential employees highly recommended by experienced long-lasting employees who have already built their trust and loyalty in workplace, this also allows employees to feel more like a part of the organization, tighten company bonding. Besides, this method is a personal spoken advertisement, which conserves time, money and manpower in the recruitment process.

Moreover, the name OCG is wide-known among construction industries for its professionalism and expertise, therefore when the demand for labor shifts up, plenty of professionals or specialists want to seize the chance to become a part of the organization and promote their skills as well as experiences.Another point to be mentioned, external recruitment through merging the online network’s capabilities into the recruiting stage is a wise move for OCG especially recognizing and taking advantages of the popularity using network media in these recent years. Moreover, E-Recruiting methods are fast, convenient and accessible for users to search, send and receive information. Also, the company can provide and collect databases, responses fast and accurately with low costs, which erase the gap between recruiters and candidates. Thanks to modern technology, OCG have earned hundreds of ideal job applications.5.5 WeaknessesAlthough OCG’s skillful administration brings marvelous benefits to the HRM process, they still face some difficulties.

For E-Recruitment, even though this approach attracts great quantity, that quality could be abundant causing an extremely time-consuming selecting process, the HR unit have to cope with mass amount of responses and various levels of candidates. Overwhelming results in low validity in selection; interviewing and testing devices cannot be fully performed due to the lack of time and manpower, this lead to false outcome relating to the relationship of testing stage and actual performance. OCG HR department cannot provide detailed individual test for hundreds of candidates thus sometimes they fail in selecting suitable staffs in terms of quality and attitude in team-working since they were unable to verify and compare between initially written CV and actual tasks performance.Another problem usually arises in international coorperate organizations is misunderstanding, misinterpretation between local and foreign members, in OCG case: Japanese and Vietnamese diversity in language and culture sometimes creates opposing ideals in HRM decisions. Although interpreters can clear away language barrier, miscellaneous problems cannot be totally handled.


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