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Human induced environmental dilemmaare outpouring and increasingly upsetting not only ecosystem but human healthand well being. Available data shows that technical solutions have notbeen resulting in adequate conclusions. Therefore, the most important questionto be answered is “how should human act toward the natural environment”. Amongtheoretical deliberations, environmental ethics is getting more recognition tofind a proper solution for vast environmental degradation. The shaping ofbehavior, values, approach, commitment and practice of human beings crucial topreserve and protect the environment is firmly correlated with their belief,worldview, tradition and culture.

Hence, religion plays a significant role inestablishing new templates of attitude toward the environment.  Recent scholarly concern in religionsand ecology proclaims the importance of religious models in understandinghumanity’s place in nature. although Islam presents comprehensive ethical valueson the environment, the current state which is seen in Turkey (as wellas in Muslim countries) shows an apparent negligence to environmentalissues. This study aims to determine awareness levels of Turkish studentsregarding Islamic environmental ethics and respective observance levels. 50subjects participated in this survey from 5 different faculties (Medicine,Engineering, Education, Divinity and Tourism) of Akdeniz University Antalya. Questionnaire forthis survey consist of three sections aiming to measure knowledge andawareness of Islamic ethics concerning Environment, Turkeys present harsh environmentalcondition and observance levels regarding environmental concern amonguniversity students. Results shows that awareness level in regard toIslamic environmental ethics and Turkey’s environmental condition ispretty high but the observance levels are not satisfactory.

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  This gapbetween awareness and observance levels analyzed with the help of threehypothesis questions.. First reason for this disagreement is that Turkish studentsview environmental problem as less significant than the other issues like unemployment,terror, political instability and educational system.  The second reasonbeing Diyanet is not fulfilling its duties towards raisingawareness of Islamic ethics in regard to environmental protection andthird argumentation is students are failing to incorporate environmental ethicsinto their daily routine.



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