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Humankind has solved many problems based on reasoning and more importantly tracing patterns from nature. Artificial Intelligence (AI) has a potential to recreate what we can do and in some cases outshine us. Those abilities of a machine have allured me to work and do research in this field. Nevertheless, it was not an instant decision for me to pursue a career in this field and that in addition, a research career was a tough one.Growing up in the home of a software engineer was a true advantage for a post-millennial kid like me. Since my father had gone to a foreign nation for work, I learned so many things about computers – programming to security – very quickly at a young age. With this fascination towards them, I joined Mahindra École Centrale (MEC) to do bachelors in Computer Science and Engineering (CSE).I never expected that joining MEC would be a big turn in my life. The interdisciplinary curriculum of MEC made me learn so many things that otherwise I would not have learned. I have undergone courses in Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Humanities and Creative Sciences. In engineering, apart from Computer Science, I had courses from Electrical, Electronics, Mechanical and Civil streams. The interesting part of my coursework was almost all the courses had projects along with them and that has helped me not only in learning the subject but also gave a hands-on experience. All these courses have given me a sketch of various fields of engineering and a good fortune of learning from great teachers.Independent of the projects for courses I did three other projects The first major one was a yearlong project during which we have studied and developed a complete working software for Extreme Learning Machine (ELM). The current one I am working on involves developing adaptive learning for ELMs. These projects have helped in gaining more insight into Machine Learning (ML) and especially optimizing those learning techniques to real-world problems. The latest project is first of its kind work and I am confident that my solutions will work.The diversified curriculum at MEC has helped me to do research with Dr. Dibakar to determine the influence of different geometry and constitutive metals on split ring resonators through numerical simulations. We presented our work at CCP, 2015 and later it was published in the proceedings of Journal of Physics: Conference Series. It was the first work that gave me an insight on how to do research and what a research paper is.At that time, Dr. Arya had introduced me to the subject of AI and gave me material to explore, during my first summer break. Later, I was part of the industrial R&D Smart Grid project team that was first to do an internship from MEC. The aim of the project was to predict load on a transformer and the number of electric vehicles in Ontario. We have trained and deployed an Artificial Neural Net (ANN) to do the same. My internship experience was unique where learned what are various problems while implementing the algorithms at ground level and ways in which they can be addressed. During my second internship, I learned about Support Vector Machines. The third and latest internship was related to the prediction of digressions in an industrial process. I have used ELMs in prediction and compared with results from ANN. I have submitted two papers to different conferences and presented one at INDICON 2017 and will be presenting the other one at ACODS 2018.My knowledge from coursework, projects, and internships on AI and ML give me the motivation to do research in that area and help fellow humans. With the learning of machines, human life will become more hassle and tension free and people can spend less time at work than they are spending currently. There are many alarming global issues and through my research, I will try to develop systems that will benefit the society but not those which will add more problems. I hope that my time during masters at École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL) will help me in finding a problem and help me to solve it. My plan to do masters led me to work as a research intern at an academic institute throughout all my internships.I believe in a holistic life for anyone. Although I was appreciated many times for my high attention towards academics and research, I have a profound interest towards stories and films from a young age. Whenever I get leisure time, I still write short stories. The other quality I am equipped with is multi-tasking. As in my CV, I am head of a club and a committee. Whilst I am part of so many activities, I have never let them affect my academics. My GPA for the latest semester was 9.9 and making my overall GPA 9.07. Even though I am not interested in placement, it is my interest to help and explore various things made to part of it. I am loyal, frank and optimistic towards work and life. The journey of my life at various positions helped me to realize my strengths and accept my weakness. I love exploring new things, one of my interest is to do masters at an International Institute to get a varied exposure and in that expedition, I found about EPFL and its computer science department. I was excited when I came to know that EPFL has an MLO laboratory and felt that my profile will be suitable for Masters Program given my academic and research background. My excitement was boosted after looking at the teachers like Prof. Boi Faltings, Dr. Pearl Pu, and Robert West. The success stories of students have inspired and assured me that at EPFL I will be able to achieve my goal and I am confident that my study there would help me to become a professor – it is my dream to teach to students. I would like to continue the same academic, research track at EPFL and grow as a bigger, better person exploring my interests and if given a chance will do my Ph.D. at EPFL.

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