Hydration was created to assess patients at risk

Hydration and healthy diet are key factors in preventing pressure ulcers in at risk patients. In the UK, a program called Stop the Pressure was launched to try and eliminate avoidable pressure ulcers. The goal of this program is to support the development of evidence-based nutritional guidance relating to the prevention and management of pressure ulcers across all health care settings (Carter and Lecko, 2018). The evidence that was brought forward by the team indicating risks for pressure ulcers are; malnutrition, inability to eat independently, and weight loss.
A risk assessment tool was created to assess patients at risk for pressure ulcers using the acronym EAT. E stands for evidence and is used to look at the number of nutritional risk factors associated with the patient. A stands for assessment which determines if the patient needs to be screened for risk of pressure ulcers. T is to take action, this is when the dietician will help the patient with planning a healthy diet and lifestyle. There are five key areas that are focused on and patients are educated in; healthy diet, hydration, poor appetite, being overweight or obese, and providing support for someone who can not feed themself (Carter and Lecko, 2018). When a pressure ulcer has formed, it is important to have increased protein as well as vitamins A, C, and E as they have been proven to help with the healing process. Staying hydrated will help with the blood flow to the affected tissues and aid with healing.
In conclusion the importance of nutrition and hydration to prevent pressure ulcers should be emphasized to at risk populations. Patients that are already suffering from a pressure ulcer whether it be a stage 1 or a stage IV, they should be educated on proper nutrition to speed up the healing The collaboration amongst health care providers and dieticians can make the difference in a pressure ulcer patient.

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