I a Distinction for this particular unit. Skills

I have pinpointed my passion of becoming a Chartered
Accountant while studying BTEC level 3 Business. With hard work and
determination I am ready for a journey that will fulfil this goal. A Degree in
Business Management will bring me one step closer into achieving this. Lord
Sugar is a figure in the world of Business that I admire and if there is ever a
business mentality that I aspire to have it is that of Lord Sugar. Having read
his Auto Biography and also being a massive fan of ‘The Apprentice’, I have
been left in awe for such a prominent figure, one which I aspire to be. My
ambitions include taking up a managerial role and setting up my own accountancy
firm by obtaining an ACCA (Association of Chartered Certified Accountants) qualification
once I have graduated.

I am aware that in my first year of university there will be
a focus on Accounting, Finance and Marketing. I am suitable for a course in
Business Management as I have already built a foundation of knowledge in topics
such as Finance. This involved me creating balance sheets and profit and loss
accounts for a firm. I was able to obtain experience in advising a firm on how
to maximise profits while maintaining efficiency. This is also applicable to
the topic of Accounting as the tasks that I was set are similar to the
responsibilities that Accountants have. I have also focused on topics such as
Marketing as I had to work on a project promoting a food outlet. With many
factors having to be taken into account such as Target Market, Price, Quality,
and Location, I soon learnt that there are numerous factors to be taken into
account. My project was successful as I obtained a Distinction for this
particular unit.

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Skills such as leadership, organisational skills, having
authority, negotiating skills are all traits which I am proud of having been
able to develop and now possess. I have been able to obtain these skills
through various work experiences and extracurricular involvement. I have gained
work experience in a private Merchant Banking Business named Salamanca Group.
My role was an admin assistant and the duties involved photocopying, filing,
printing, greeting and meeting visitors. The duration of the experience was 1
week long and during my time I gained skills which included communication
skills, confidence and organisational skills. Also, during my time I became
aware of the hours of commitment necessary and the volume of work needed. These
skills in which I have gained will help me when studying Business Management.
As within Business there is a heavy focus on being able to multi-task and
manage a heavy work load while meeting deadlines. It is important to ensure
that a high standard of work is maintained. I have also previously worked as a
Steward, in which involved me having the responsibility of supervising
customers, answering queries in a fast paced environment. I did this alongside
my studies and proved that I am able to obtain high grades while working
part-time as this is something which I pride myself in being able to

My hobbies include playing football, interacting with friends
on social media, being active and spending quality time with my family. Also, I
like reading books and newspapers such as The Financial Times and The Telegraph
in my spare time. At university, I am looking forward to joining a society
where students are encouraged to network with the likes of those who work
within the Accounting and Finance world. If such a society does not exist I
will be looking to set one up. Hopefully, being able to establish a mentoring
system for other students interested including myself.      



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