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Last updated: May 14, 2019

I have pinpointed my passion of becoming a CharteredAccountant while studying BTEC level 3 Business.

With hard work anddetermination I am ready for a journey that will fulfil this goal. A Degree inBusiness Management will bring me one step closer into achieving this. LordSugar is a figure in the world of Business that I admire and if there is ever abusiness mentality that I aspire to have it is that of Lord Sugar.

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Having readhis Auto Biography and also being a massive fan of ‘The Apprentice’, I havebeen left in awe for such a prominent figure, one which I aspire to be. Myambitions include taking up a managerial role and setting up my own accountancyfirm by obtaining an ACCA (Association of Chartered Certified Accountants) qualificationonce I have graduated.I am aware that in my first year of university there will bea focus on Accounting, Finance and Marketing. I am suitable for a course inBusiness Management as I have already built a foundation of knowledge in topicssuch as Finance. This involved me creating balance sheets and profit and lossaccounts for a firm.

I was able to obtain experience in advising a firm on howto maximise profits while maintaining efficiency. This is also applicable tothe topic of Accounting as the tasks that I was set are similar to theresponsibilities that Accountants have. I have also focused on topics such asMarketing as I had to work on a project promoting a food outlet.

With manyfactors having to be taken into account such as Target Market, Price, Quality,and Location, I soon learnt that there are numerous factors to be taken intoaccount. My project was successful as I obtained a Distinction for thisparticular unit.Skills such as leadership, organisational skills, havingauthority, negotiating skills are all traits which I am proud of having beenable to develop and now possess. I have been able to obtain these skillsthrough various work experiences and extracurricular involvement. I have gainedwork experience in a private Merchant Banking Business named Salamanca Group.

My role was an admin assistant and the duties involved photocopying, filing,printing, greeting and meeting visitors. The duration of the experience was 1week long and during my time I gained skills which included communicationskills, confidence and organisational skills. Also, during my time I becameaware of the hours of commitment necessary and the volume of work needed. Theseskills in which I have gained will help me when studying Business Management.As within Business there is a heavy focus on being able to multi-task andmanage a heavy work load while meeting deadlines. It is important to ensurethat a high standard of work is maintained. I have also previously worked as aSteward, in which involved me having the responsibility of supervisingcustomers, answering queries in a fast paced environment.

I did this alongsidemy studies and proved that I am able to obtain high grades while workingpart-time as this is something which I pride myself in being able tomanage.  My hobbies include playing football, interacting with friendson social media, being active and spending quality time with my family. Also, Ilike reading books and newspapers such as The Financial Times and The Telegraphin my spare time. At university, I am looking forward to joining a societywhere students are encouraged to network with the likes of those who workwithin the Accounting and Finance world. If such a society does not exist Iwill be looking to set one up.

Hopefully, being able to establish a mentoringsystem for other students interested including myself.      


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