I Neeraj from his first year with us

am Professor A. M. Kalje, Academic Dean, N.B. Navale Sinhgad College of
Engineering, and it is a genuine pleasure to write this letter of
recommendation for Mr. Neeraj Mirajgaonkar. Over the years of my teaching experience, I have encountered
a variety of students. At times, it can be a challenge to remember individual students.
Neeraj, however, stands out as one of the few remarkable students who
successfully transitioned from a student to an active contributor at our institution.
Endowed with a unique perspective, he was known for exercising initiative and
always striving for excellence.

have known Neeraj from his first year with us as an undergraduate student of
mechanical engineering, being Head of Department at that time. As a teacher, I
have taught him the subject of Fluid Machinery and Fluid Power; and as the head
of the department, I oversaw almost all the work that he completed. Neeraj came
across as amiable, conscientious and diligent with great enthusiasm for
practical learning. His knowledge and work in fluid mechanics, thermodynamics,
and heat-mass transfer are especially sound. Neeraj is quick at grasping new
concepts and looking at it from various perspectives. He has a natural affinity
for research, and his tendency to investigate his doubts and concerns is
instrumental to his success. In class, he was an active listener and
participant, exhibiting proficiency in both conversational and academic

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of his academic record, he has also achieved great heights in extracurricular
activities. In one instance, his team secured
14th place (out of 120) on their debut at a national-level
event called Go Kart Design Challenge
2015. His name often came up for outstanding performance, teamwork, and his
ability to work under pressure. I was impressed by his dedication and
time-management skills, as
he secured sponsorship and coordinated
workshop for go-kart event, represented the college team in table
tennis, organized photography committee for many college events, and
participated in community events like tree-planting and blood donation; all
this without letting his academic
work getting hampered.

second year of his undergraduate year was a very challenging time in his life,
and both faculty and peers were concerned for his morale. I personally
consulted with him, and we worked together to get to the root of his distress
and build his motivation up. He is an active learner who thrives in an
educational environment where he can solve real-world problems and learn by
doing, rather than with book-learning alone. The issue was resolved, and in his
fourth year, not only he worked on two projects but also he passed with flying
colors in his examinations.

he has the required energy, motivation, and vision that will be of great
benefit to his future work, and due to his maturity, charisma, and good humor,
I have no doubt that he will thrive in any setting.

has not only a deep passion for engineering and research but also strong
analytical abilities and considerable discipline. At your university, he will
excel through this course as a vibrant campus, real-world related hands-on
education and a competitive environment is the best intellectual stimulation
and ultimate motivation for him. I can confidently vouch for Neeraj and state
that shall prove to be an asset to your establishment. If I can be of any
further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact me. I wish him all
success in his future endeavors.

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