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I can say that their point of view was right to the dream where fairies and reality become unclear. Clearly, the exceptional effects let the production cast greater range to recognize creative ideas.
Director Santiago Sosa has combined a stunning play with light scene changes and in time focus that is impactful and unique. There is no unneeded focus. Besides, the costume design of Tommy Macon and the lighting design of Darren Levin improve the show in a good manner. I may say that the lighting was magical and it played an important role in defining the different scenes. The costumes are special to every character and everything was an addition to each other.
“A Midsummer Night’s Dream,” represents the experience of two couples and craftsmen who are nonprofessional actors. The events happen in an Athens and a charming forest. I personally think that Shakespeare was very clever in how he devised A Midsummer Night’s Dream, as he has three very good factors of entertainment love, magic and comedy represented with different stories and characters. At the end, Puck restates the fact that all people will die, which is a nice conclusion. In addition, Oberon guarantee that the lovers will be happy forever.
From another view, I saw a movie as another interpretation of this play. The movie directed by Michael Hoffman. Regularly, when plays or stories transferred to movies, the all events are cut up, and the consequence is scattering. This is not happening in A Midsummer-Night’s Dream. The movie was tremendously well performed. The plot was interesting and the dream concept made the audiences stay entertained. In both the movie and play, I have to say that my favorite character was Puck. He was such a curious sprite. In the movie, one could definitely see his tricks and jokes. I enjoyed watching both interpretations, but I would recommend the play to my friends because I have enjoyed the idea of the play within a play.
This play is acted all around the world, and it is not surprising – it is about the world’s most famous interest, feeling loved. But according to Puck, falling in love can make fools of us all.
There are two things that particularly pleased me. One is the comic effect presented by the happy world of pleasing illusion, especially, the tricks that made by Puck, which is the central point of the play and the rest is the empathetic view and the wedding traditions in their society. Another important theme is inequality of the sexes which pervades throughout the play. I appreciate Shakespeare for encouraging the desire in human that dreams may come true!

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