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I have always dreamed of making a difference in the global economic system to make the world’s economy stronger and more predictable. The modern global economic challenges require concerted effort through academic research and practice that aim at finding lasting solutions to the problems. Since my childhood, I have had a strong interest in the world in which we live in terms of economic policies that do not discriminate against people in society. It is against this backdrop that I hold the strong personal conviction that a logical approach in the fields such as Accounting, Economic, and Finance is critically important for the global economic stability. In particular, Libya has witnessed political instability in the recent past, which has shaken the economic bedrock of the country. I have gained significant knowledge in the economic trends of the country when I secured shallow placements at the the Libyan Investment Authority and Libyan African Investment Portfolio. This gives me more reasons to study Mathematics, Economics and Accounting as my major.

I have listened to many motivational talks about the significance of taking Mathematics as the building block for business courses such as Economics and Finance. As such, I have taken keen interest in studying Mathematics and Accounting. The significance of Mathematics in these fields cannot be underestimated. Despite the health issues that prevented me from completing the study, I never lost hope and opted to study independently with the aim of not only developing my knowledge in Mathematics, but also developing the receptive attitudes towards challenges that come with the study. Studying mathematics has had significant impacts in other studies such as economics. First, I have developed the skills of critical and logical thinking in solving economic and accounting problems. Secondly, Mathematics study has improved my ability to analyze data and come up with logical conclusion.  Mathematics problems help one to develop the ability to solve problems logically, using the appropriate steps to arrive at the solution. In this regard, the passion to study Mathematics has not only helped me to tackle challenging problems not only in other academic fields but also in real life situation.

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I intend to study Mathematics and Accounting together as they have practically interrelated concepts. Mathematics and Accounting utilize the ability to manipulate figures with a view to find solutions while Finance deals with how the manipulated figures can be utilized constructively to make life better. As a graduate in Mathematics, I stand a better chance of enrolling and successfully completing other courses such as Finance, Accounting and Economics among others.

In conclusion, I believe this is a golden opportunity to realize my childhood dream of making a difference in the world’s economy. I would like to study Mathematics, and Accounting as my major because of the personal ambition to become an asset in the world’s economy. I also believe that studying Mathematics and Accounting together will work for my own benefit as each of the subjects  rely on each other in terms of concept interrelations. It will also offer me the opportunity to apply concepts learned in Mathematics in solving real life challenges besides the academic problems that I may encounter in Accounting. 

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