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I learned a quite bit from this article, although the main benefit from reading this article was hearing different perspectives. From people whose partners transitioned before they were in a relationship, to people whose partners transition after being together for many years. I also found it interesting when the article mentioned the appearance of transgender people in the media. Including references to the popular television show Transparent, and Orange Is the New Black. And referencing celebrities who are transgender such as Caitlyn Jenner and Janet Mock. Another thing I found interesting was the studies which showed a very interesting observation. One of the things presented was “transgender people are estimated to comprise 0.6 percent of the population or about 1.4 million adults in the United States.” I found this interesting because, although there is a large population of people who are transgender they are not respected as much as people who are cisgendered, they often receive judgement, and receive a lot of harassment and abusive in public situations and in relationships.This article relates directly to my life and is very relevant to me. The reason that is, is because I am currently in a relationship with someone who is female to male transgender. And many of the concepts explored in this article I can relate to my life. As stated in the article “it’s not just individuals who transition but their loved ones as well.” I understand what the author meant by that. As my partner is early in his transition, I also have to go through a lot with stigma myself, if be by people making assumptions about our relationship, or if people make abusive comments toward him and I have to help him afterwards. Although in this article it also talks about the sexual identity of the partner. Which I could not relate to before I was in a relationship with this person I was very sure of my identity and this did not cause me to question my own identity at all.I also believe this relates to several concepts covered in class, it covers the subject of microaggressions, and also different aspects of cultural anthropology. The reason it covers microaggressions is because sometimes people will have microaggressions against people who are transgendered. Such as making comments about something they should do to their appearance to look more like their gender identity. Another major comment made is asking if they have had “the surgery”. That comment implies that there is only one type of surgery, where in reality there are many different types of surgery depending on what the transition is (female to male, male to female, male to non-binary, etc.) It also applies that the is the only way they can be truly recognized as their gender identity is if they have had surgery. The other thing this article relates to from the curriculum is cultural anthropology, the reason is that transgender in itself is an umbrella term, meaning it is a very broad term used to generalize a group of people. And within this community, there can be many different groups, such as people transitioning from female to male, male to female, female to non-binary, male to non-binary, female to gender fluid, male to genderfluid, etc. With this article covering several important subjects, I do believe it is a relevant article that would benefit the curriculum.

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