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I think ENGL 101 seems fine so far. It may become challenging but the syllabus has everything in black and white with dates and what needs to be done. The syllabus is long but contains detailed information.Each day it shows what we will be doing in class and what needs to be done out of class.According to the syllabus, the classroom, and what i’ve read in Interactions:A Thematic Reader, i believe the course is about writing and reflecting on myself, getting to listen to others on how their lives are different in writing,learning what we have read, and how to do well in a literature circle, with postwrites, peer responses,drafts, and my overall paper.I expected it to be hard and not really laid back.Im hoping it to be easy if i follow the syllabus.Also, i didn’t expect it to be the size it is. I pictured it to be alot larger and for the course to be more complex.I expect to learn alot about myself in this course. Also about others and how to develop as a writer. I hope to do well in this class because it sets how well you do in your first year.The major requirements to succeed in this class are to complete all assignments given on their due date, to participate in reading circles by doing my share of work, to complete four papers and four drafts assigned during the semester, to take part and show up to class on time,and finally to do well on my final.The most important aspects of the course i believe would be to complete work, to show up on time with that work, to follow the syllabus, and to learn about myself in my writings.I believe these are the most important because you should always complete work on time because I am not in highschool and i am an adult. Also you should show up for class on time, it shows you are ready to learn. Following the syllabus will earn you to succeed if you follow it correctly.The least important aspects of the course would be the lower percentages on the syllabus such as reflective responses and literature circle group assignments. Reflective repsonses are least important because its answering to a text,also it is worth 10%.Lastly,Literature group assignments are only worth 15% as well.

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