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Last updated: June 5, 2019

I would like to obtain a career where I can take my interest in science especially chemistry and develop it further.My interest in a pharmacy first developed by work experience. Before doing work experience I always thought that a pharmacist job was to make sure the correct drug and dosage are prescribed to the patient However after my work placement I found out there was a lot more to it.I had realized how a small pill could make a huge impact on someone’s life and how it was a part of their daily life.

After shadowing a pharmacist I learned that the most important skill needed to work is being able to control and cope with stress, in a pharmaceutic atmosphere as it is very busy,My work experience at a local pharmacy was challenging but extremely beneficial as it increased my understanding in the field and The daily roles  a parmacist carries out .During my time in a pharmacy, I was given the responsibility of filling out  prescriptions and used the computer to check for the right medicine for a particular patient and print labels for the prescriptions.This showed me just how important it was to make sure that it was important that the correct medicine was given at the right time and how a simple mistake of giving a wrong pill on a wrong day would have a huge impact on people.my communication skills were had developed massively by the end of my work experience which is  an essential skill between team members and to help run the pharmacy efficientlyDuring my level chemistry course, I was able to carry out an experiment on how to make aspirin.I always thought that whoever invented aspirin must be really intelligent but the truth is aspirin was never ‘ invented’ by anyone but was always used in different forms and had developed through time.Originating originally from a willow bark tree as a herbal medicine, the development of aspirin has come along way.I find it amazing to think as for how a small tablet is capable of doing so much from being a simple painkiller to a heart attack preventer and now to its ability in becoming a life-saving medicine.I have also been successful in carrying out my Duke of Edinburgh Silver Award.

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The expedition was challenging as we had a very small group and I sustained many injuries, However by the end of the three day expedition we were one of the very first to successfully finish our expedition,and I can now  say because of this experience I have gained more confidence in interacting with people and working well as a team of people I haven’t worked with before. I now feel that I can well work as part of a team and have the confidence in myself to take the lead.


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