I isn’t always the easiest path to follow.

I have always told myself that I should follow my father’s footsteps in becoming a computer programmer. I would be ensured financial stability and a chance of working at the prestigious company my father worked at. “I am going to be happy like this,” I told myself, believing that money and modeling myself after my dad would be the right path to success and happiness. However, I could not shake off an unnerving feeling that something was wrong. Was being a computer programmer a true reflection of me or a printer-copy version of my dad?Being at a community college allowed me to have a safe space to make mistakes and learn that following someone else’s path isn’t always the easiest path to follow. I learned that being a programmer was not meant for me because of how my grades suffered. My grades reflected my lack of motivation and interest because I knew deep down I was not genuine about being a programmer. I felt completely lost and disappointed with the direction I was heading towards until I heard about occupational therapy. Immediately that profession piqued my interest as I learned that occupational therapy involves helping people of all ages recover and or develop the skills they need in order to live their lives independently. The newfound information I gained about this career path spoke volumes to who I was as a person. One thing that remained constant throughout my life was that I loved interacting with people and supporting them in their time of need. I found myself gravitating towards helping others, especially people who struggle with mental illness. I have always felt a strong sense of compassion, empathy, and inclination towards helping them, knowing very well how their mental and emotional state can impact their ability to perform their activities of daily living. My experiences supporting people with their social and emotional dilemmas helped me develop therapeutic communication skills such as remaining open, observant, patient, empathetic, and positive. My sensibility towards others is a motivator for me to become an occupational therapist because it gives me the ability to further support people with their mental, physical, and emotional disabilities. Because occupational therapy is such a versatile discipline with a multitude of settings to work in, I am very motivated and determined to develop many different creative approaches for treatment depending on the individual. I yearn to experience the rewarding feeling of creating holistic goals and making a direct and positive impact towards people who need it. I see myself on a never-ending quest for knowledge and practice revolving around the profession. All my life I have known that I wanted to make a difference by helping others and being a source of inspiration. Occupational therapy is the avenue of work that will allow me to express those desires as well my nature of warmth, perception, and observation. It is truly the career I have been unconsciously seeking for that reflects my inner qualities and is everything I could ever want in a profession.

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