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I am writing to enthusiastically support the application of Mujahid Khan as a prospective Ph.D. scholar at your university. I selected Mujahid Khan as my Teaching Assistant for the course CS331 – Artificial Intelligence taught at Lahore University of Management Sciences (LUMS) in Spring 2017. As a part of this position, he was required to offer his services full-time. This was the first offering of my course and it was an experiment both for me and Mujahid. He had proved to adapt quickly to work environments and it was a pleasure to have Mujahid assist me in my course. It is important to note that the classes were populated with a large majority of students who were unfamiliar with the concepts and algorithms involved in Artificial Intelligence. While excelling in the concepts that I taught, he proved to be an exceptional student, and I am confident that he will excel as a PhD scholar, scientist and mentor. Mujahid was an accessible teaching assistant who also took the job of educating students very seriously. He was committed to his work and would deliver positively even before expiration. He held office hours thrice a week for all the fifteen weeks of the semester also holding tutorials to assist the students in clarifying any difficult concept that the students faced. He has excellent communication skills and can work effectively in a diverse community and meet the needs of varied student populations.Working under pressure is an attribute most common with Mujahid. When things need to be done at the eleventh hour, Mujahid is just the perfect fit for the task. Mujahid is a practicable person that relates theories to real life situation. He accomplished all these tasks assigned to him with great initiative and with a very positive attitude. His duties included designing programming assignments relevant to the topics being taught in the class, managing various logistics of the course such as invigilating quizzes, exams and grading and uploading these various components on LUMS student management database, LMS. I was impressed that Mujahid took full responsibility of  * insert tasks here *. Mujahid has tackled all aspects of his teaching assistantship, whether technical or intellectual, with determination and success. He is able to perform multiple tasks at the same time with ease and does not lose his focus on the goals he sets. While doing this teaching assistantship, which was his own calling and not required by our institute, he never let such activities keep him away from his own desire to learn, a testament to his ability to work hard and multitask. Moreover, at a personal level, Mujahid is a delight to work with. He is mature, independent, and resourceful, knowing when and where to seek advice and help. He is full of enthusiasm, has the right drive, and genuine interest in teaching and in Computer Science.In summary, I have no doubt that Mujahid will be an outstanding Ph.D. scholar.  Please do not hesitate to call or email me if you have any further questions.

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