I. of heavy embroidery along with long cut

        I.           Introduction A.

    AttentionGetter: More than 5 pre-functions before a real wedding and morethan hundred thousands of dollars spend on just one wedding. It is not PrinceWilliam or Prince Charles wedding but you probably guessed right, they arecalled Pakistani Weddings.B.     MotivationalLink: There is a famous saying that “Everyone have to eatwedding pie in some point of their life sometimes it is fortunate and sometimesunfortunate too” However, Pakistani weddings will make you love the weddings,and you will want every day someone to get married so you can enjoy Pakistaniwedding.C.     PurposeStatement: Today, I will inform you about the most importantpart of Pakistani culture, their weddings and also about pre-wedding functions.D.

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    PreviewStatement: Specifically, we will look at Pakistani weddingtraditions and pre wedding-functions also pretty much everything which makesPakistani weddings so special.    II.           Body A.

    Let’sstart off by looking in some Pakistani wedding dresses and background themes.1.      Fromthe very beginning the main theme of Pakistani weddings are usually red andbright colors. According to an article from Bina Shah (Independent a localPakistani article) bright colors reflects joy and happiness excluding black,and colors like white and black reflects sorrow and pain. Therefore, you wouldever rarely see a Pakistani bride wearing white or black on their wedding day.a.       Accordingto the author of Mabrook A world of Muslim weddings.

Na’ima Robert says thatPakistani weddings are the most vibrant and colorful. Every aspect of Pakistaniweddings is full of colors and joy. She also mentions about the most commoncolors used in wedding functions. Such as green, red, yellow and orange, mostlybright colors. Bridal dresses are mostly made up of heavy embroidery along withlong cut pants and a long scarf which usually touches the floor.   2.

      Anotherinteresting thing about Pakistani weddings are their ambiance. It is socolorful and full of music. However, still most of the Pakistani families donot prefer to add music and dance as a part of the wedding due to religiousbeliefs. But, now most of the weddings are consist of music and dance.a.       Inthe article written by David Carr of Grand Sapphire London. He mentionsPakistani wedding as a “circus show”. Which reflects that every second somebodyis on the dance floor either they are groom’s cousins or brides cousins or justbride and groom or the whole family on one dance floor.

Even at the dinner orlunch time you will see someone on the dance floor. Pakistani music is fun yetsometimes could be annoying too, due to its loudness and the usage ofinstruments. However, the loud music and non-stop dance performances makesPakistani weddings so special. Sign Post:Now that we have learned a little about Pakistani wedding dresses and the ambianceof them.

Let’s take a look at the most important wedding ceremony in Muslimculture.B.     Pakistaniweddings are well known because of their month long function and a lot ofpre-wedding ceremonies.1.      Oneof the most notable aspects of Pakistani weddings are their long functionswhich usually takes months or sometimes even a year. In the early times most ofthe weddings were usually only considered of “Nikkah” the day when bride andgroom actually get married and sign the agreement. Due to the emergence ofIndian, Muslim and western culture the list of pre-wedding functions liststarted to get long and now there are more 7 function for just one wedding suchas mehindi, rasm e hina, dholak, bridal shower and valima. However, the mostimportant ceremony is Nikkah.

a.       Mostimportant part of any Pakistani Wedding is “Nikkah”. Which is a final agreementbetween bride’s family and a groom’s family. According to an article from Houseof Pakistan mentions that ” Nikkah is an Islamic act, is observed by closerelatives and family in the presence of an official “imam” licensed by thegovernment”. It is also known as official marriage day.2.      Duringthe Nikkah ceremony, groom wears white suit or most likely “shalwar kameez” andbride wears simple red dress with little bit of jewelry. a.

       Nikkahis usually only consider close family and friends mostly adults. In the end ofthe Nikkah all adults stand up and pray for bride and groom. Also, adults tie a”Imam Zamil” on bride and groom’s hands to protect them from any evil spirits.

Sign Post: Lastly, we will talk about the Pakistani food and thelast occasion of month long wedding. C.     Everyculture have their own different food and the way of cooking it. Pakistaniweddings are known for their food collection. Especially, in weddings, thereare usually more than 6 dishes to choose from excluding dessert and salads.1.      Inmost Pakistani weddings food is served in the end of the wedding or anyfunction. It is usually a buffet system, everybody takes as much they want.

Food is usually consider of salad bar, 6 main dishes along with bread and about3 desert choices, not including a wedding cake. a.        Food makes Pakistani weddings most memorableand unique.There are so mnay dishes to choose from and never ending food. Thedishes that are most common in weddings are consist of Briyani ( spicy chickenrice) curry, tikka, lamb kababs, Chinese rice and karahi ghost. Desserts aremost likely consider of gulab jamun, kheer and custard. 2.

      Thelast occasion of the month long wedding is called “valima”. When bride goes togroom’s house and also known as a reception. a.     According to an article from House ofPakistan “The Valimaceremony is the final dinner organized by the weddedcouple after their marriage is consumed and publicized”.

It is organized by thegroom’s family for the bride’s family. The basic purpose is to just celebratethe life long commitment between two families.  

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