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I sit here pressure looking at the continents of my screen its vast emptiness that knocks me straight in the head giving me a throbbing headache and the need to recur to the 5 year old me who would throw a tantrum at the screen. But i’m sure a 5 year old me had stronger beliefs and would have something to write.The definition of a belief is, “confidence in the truth or existence of something not immediately susceptible to rigorous proof”. My believes linger in something less susceptible to a creed or phrase but instead to something like a coherent truth. Today I am more decadent on a philosophical belief in education I advocate something more progressive.
I am critical of existential education I trust its a harm to the to the intellectual and moral standards of students. i want to reflect on the essentialist belief that our culture has a core of common knowledge that is transmitted to students in a systematic disciplined manner. Essential belief such as a effort discipline teacher-initiative logical organization subjects and remote goals. instead I advocate a education where we start with the child as a growing and developing person and help him live and grow best.
Schools murders imagination. students are not offered possibilities to investigate their interest, as they are compelled to take after a systematic course of instruction. Thoughts that don’t fit inside task rules are shot down and slighted. Numerous students can’t prevail in this unbending framework that restrains their creativity and individual interests. I can recount numerous times when passions were torn because of restrictions. Because a student did not have good grades and lacked focus they were susceptible to be called ‘idiots’ and ‘slackers’.
Schools stop students from growing and learning.Students are forced to change their motives to attaining good grades because that is what is capitalized. It’s what is demanded of the system so that we may be accepted into colleges, but do they learn at for their own benefit and personal fulfillment. If these tactics were applied rather than the current system, students could follow their natural passions rather than doing work for the wrong reasons.

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