I Danny still really wanted to know.

I love scary movies a lot. My favorite scary movie is The Shining, directed by Stanley Kubrick. It’s my favorite because it plays with your mind and you’re not exactly sure if what you’re seeing is the actual Overlook Hotel, or if it’s just Jack Torrance going insane. It starts out at Jack’s house; and his kid, Danny, has an imaginary friend named Tony; and Danny always talks to him. Jack and Danny live with Wendy, who is Jack’s wife. Jack gets a job at Overlook Hotel which involves looking after it during the winter; his family gets to stay with him and the hotel is huge and looks super cool. Jack was told to never go in room 237 or else… Danny met a guy who checked in with Jack to make sure everything was ok, and Danny asked the guy what was in room 237. The guy said it was none of his business, but Danny still really wanted to know. After that, Danny was riding his tricycle in the hallways of the hotel and went past room 237. Danny went in the playroom too and he saw two twin girls who wanted to play with him. Jack wanted to see what was in room 237, so he went in there and saw a girl, but she turned into a scary, hideous old lady. Jack then started seeing some weird things, he went to a party, in the party room and talked to a butler, which was actually a ghost, I think. Jack liked writing, so he was always doing his work, but then one day his wife came in to bring him some food or something and Jack got all mad and was like “GET OUT OF HERE!!!!!!!” Then it was very snowy outside and Jack got super mad and he tried to kill his wife, but then she ran away into the bathroom. Then Jack got his axe and chopped down the door and said “Heeere’s Johnny!!!” and that is seriously my favorite movie quote ever! I say it all the time! Then Danny escaped out of the window, and Wendy did too and they were running away from Jack in the maze and it was really snowy so it was really cold. Then Danny tried to hide and he did the smartest thing ever! He ran over to the wall and he covered his footsteps in the snow. Then JAck got really tired and he died. Sad! He died because he got cold and froze. And then at the end there was a picture of him at a party with a bunch of people and on the frame it said it was taken in 1920 or something but the movie was really made in 1980. The actor for Jack Torrance is JAck Nicholson which is a coincidence because they have the same first name. The actress for Wendy Torrance is Shelley Duvall and the actor for Danny Torrance is Danny LLoyd, which is a double coincidence because they both have the same name too. There is a book about The Shining that was made in January, 1977.  In the scene where Wendy looks at all the pages Jack typed, there are 500 pages that say “all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.” It was noticeable that on each page there were errors and formatting changes on each page. That sounds like something Stanley Kubrick would do because he pays so much attention to detail. Did you know that Jack Nicholson had actually worked as a volunteer firefighter? In the scene where he chops down the bathroom door, Stanley Kubrick had originally used a prop door,but with Jack’s experience at chopping doors down, he chopped it down too easily, so they had to use a real door. I obviously think that The shining is a great movie, and if you like horror movies, then you should watch it.

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