I studied Latin for five years and French

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Last updated: June 7, 2019

I am appying for the Lucy Moten Fellowship in order to study Spanish at the Universidad del Mar in Oaxaca,Mexico. I am a first year student at Howard with sophomore standing. I am a chemsitry major with a minor in math and spanish. One of my goals is to become fluent in Spanish so I may serve  in underrepresented  populations of African Americans and Spanish speaking individuals.

This study abroad program would fulliful my lower division Spanish credits so I can beginnign working towards fulfuiling my Spanish minor reuirements. This would provide me a first hand opportunity to study Spanish internatioanlly but would also provide me an opprotunity to cohabit in a predominately afro-latina community which are often ignored in Mexican history.  I have always dreamed of traveling and learning Spanish but I have never had the opprounity. International travel has always been something I have strived for. In highschool I was homeschooled. Homeschooling ultimately allowed me to be admitted into  the only university in my city Middle Tennessee State, at the age of fifteen. This accerlrated my educationalt tract and allowed me to gaduate high-school in three years.

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It was during my time at Middle Tennessee State that I realized I loved two things: studying science and langagues. I have not only studied Spanish but I also studied Latin for five years and French for two years. Studying a foreign language in a country who’s national language is Spanish is very differet from studying Spanish at an American University.  My goal is to become fluent in Spanish and the main objective of this program is to improve my profeiecency through intensive studies.

I will not only be studying at a Spanish speaking university but I will also be immered in a Spanish community with a host family. This program will challenge me because I willbe forced to learn and use my Spanish on a daily basis. This program focuses not only on intensive Spanish study but also an intensive study of the culture of Oaxcan people through various cultural  excusrions, traditional dance and cooking classes and Intercambinos with the other Spanish speaking students at the University. I have always strived to have a worldy mindset however, it is one thing to learn about a culture from a book or professor but it is entirely different when you can expereince it firsthand.

Currently, my only way of funding my travels is through scholarship. Receiving the Lucy Moten Fellowship  would make it possible for me to cover the cost of the Oaxaca program. My trip would be a real example of the opportunities education can give.This study abroad experience will be a valuable addition to my resume and something to discuss with potential employers. I am directly interested in using this program to fulful my goal of becoming fluent in Spanish becasue I believe you can learn to Speak another language but knowning the people and the histroy behing the words you are speaking is an entirely different expereince.


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