I tackling the shabu /meth [methamphetamine] problem. In

I am 11 years old. I am a mountaineer that have hiked some mountains in the Philippines and have spoken with local Elders of Indigenous Groups as well as an observer of the Philippines 2016 Election as well as friends in the Local Government Offices.I will first entail the previous administrations effort that helped propel Rodrigo Duterte to be liked and supported by the masses.

Do not settle for over-simplified history.1 Drug problem. 2 Disputed Islands.3 Corruption.4 Selective Justice.

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5 Mass Media Mind Conditioning.1 Drug Problem.On 2015, I was on my way to visit my In-Laws, our bus stopped in a bus station. After hours in a bus, I had to take a pee and I saw this 2 boys about 10 – 14 years old peddling drugs to passengers and drivers in the toilet. Our bus driver was buying from these kids and the bus driver and I had an eye contact. Growing up with being aware of these situations, I gave him a nod that should say to keep their business to themselves and I will mind my own business and there will be no problem.Afterwards, these same boys had seats in our bus and was dropped in the next bus station.

Their dialect was not local to the area. Philippines has 8 major dialects that sounded differently and sentence structure is also different. I know Tagalog, Waray and Ilocano.This was a provincial bus that travels from North to South of the Country. I will not say which bus station as it would not be fair for the Bus Company.This gives you an idea that drug trade has gone rampant that you can get it as easily, as getting a pack of cigarette, on a local store. With that in mind, without a doubt, crime, literally went up during Pnoy Benigno Simeon “Noynoy” Cojuangco Aquino III Administration.The Aquino administration reported has made some progress in tackling the shabu /meth methamphetamine problem.

In 2012, government reported the decline of industrial-size meth labs. The US State department recognized the government’s efforts, saying they led to a 45% increase in anti-drug operations. But these next set of numbers are harsh. In 2012, 129,000 index crimes were reported. In 2013, they shot up to 458,000, while in 2014, the number bloated to 493,000. Crime quadrupled in 2 years.

Inept, Unreliable and Heartless.A look at the state of crime, drugs in the PhilippinesPresident Elect Rodrigo Duterte campaigned to end drug problems with he was able to do in a span of less than a year.600,000+ drug users/peddlers had surrendered and was designated for rehabilitation and this was done in less than half a year. Citizens are reporting that they feel safe now compared to previous administration. Ongoing development with the war on drugs has shown list of public officials are drug lord / protectors or both.Big local media is undermining this effort by reporting EJK (Extra Judicial Killing) and highlighting unwarranted deaths.

You will need to look into your source of news as some news gets twisted around so always find a good source of news. Even big news agencies are screwed ups here in the Philippines. Now compare these two news source sites. What did they focused on? What did you feel after reading them?82% of Metro residents feel safer due to illegal drugs campaignThe NCRPO’s war against illegal drugs was implemented on July 1, 2016 and its five months relentless implementation gained 82 percent approval rating from the public based on the result of the Pulse Asia Research survey question: “Compared to last year, I feel that it is less dangerous now in our place because of the campaign against illegal drugs.”The survey was conducted on December 6 -11, 2016 in Metro Manila with randomly selected respondents from all walks of life.Do I feel safer now, more than 100 days after Duterte took office? Not reallyI read the statistics: Crime is down by half.

I also hear the anecdotes. Community leaders talk about receiving fewer reports of robberies they say are usually committed by drug addicts desperate to feed their habits. Call centre workers working the graveyard shift tell me they worry less now about getting mugged or robbed. Neighbours say they hear fewer ruckuses from rambunctious drug addicts having a “session”.Kudos to the police and the President!MM residents feel safer; cops step up crime driveThey were asked the question, “Compared to last year, I feel that it is less dangerous now in our place because of the campaign against illegal drugs.

” Eighty-two percent said they felt safer.Up until now, I have not met anyone that has been inquired nor personally answered Pulse Asia surveys.5 Pieces Of Evidence Prove It’s Now Safe To Travel In The PhilippinesTourism is a pillar of the country’s economic growth. So the travel industry is fixing some of the problems that vex visitors the most. A traveler will now find these five signs of a more supportive tourism industry:2 Disputed IslandsSecond, there is the Disputed islands issue. Let’s focus on 1 group of islands which is the Spratlys Islands.

Filipino fishermen were blasted with water cannons upon nearing this islands by Chinese Navy Patrols. These islands are within Philippines’ EEZ. An exclusive economic zone (EEZ) is a sea zone prescribed by the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea over which a state has special rights regarding the exploration and use of marine resources, including energy production from water and wind.I would like to add 3 Chinese airports were started to be built during PNoy Administration. These islands were landfilled. Can you guess were the soil came from? Clue: It would cost a lot of for a shipping company to landfill and island to be an airport.

PNoy administration asked for UN’s help to clarify this dispute. Asked UN for help and had International Court of Justice that the trial ended in having a good conversation that the island belongs to the Philippines. You can google about the trial and evidences by googling it.

But China still ignores it. Philippines asked for Big Brother America for help as Philippines may have been a country of warriors but is not currently war ready against giant China. America said, you can settle it yourselves, that’s your problem with you guys. Also, man made islands and airports were made during Aquino Admin.

So Duterte, does not want to go to war and have senseless countrymen killed,he befriended China and gave a nasty look on Big Bro America. During the on going disputes, trades were hampered but now, economic trade is going smoothly. He also managed to lessened the China – America tension in the West Philippine Sea. Filipino Fishermen were once again able to fish near the disputed islands.

3 Corruption.These are some of the list I have listed. I will add the timeline at a different time as I do have a other life other than the internet. I would appreciate if someone can comment and give links to readers.Sometime in 2011Northrail Project – Loaned from 2 banks to start this project.

Got botched by Aquino but still were are paying the loan plus interest.Northrail project up for NEDA-ICC approval soonThe government has paid $180M to settle a portion of the loan for the project even if it had been dropped due to lingering legal issues.Who’s accountable for botched project?In 2011, the Aquino administration scrapped the project on lingering legal issues and corruption allegations.But the administration apparently changed its mind, as “it’s already in a relatively advanced stages of discussion,” said Balisacan.

Escudero, chair of the Senate Committee on Finance, asked members of the Development Budget Coordinating Council (DBCC) if anyone had been charged for the “scuttled” railway project.”Someone should be in jail. We paid the loan but the project does not exist,” Escudero told reporters after the hearing Wednesday morning.Escudero has directed Finance Secretary Cesar Purisima to update the committee on its efforts to hold accountable those who are involved in the project.Purisima previously explained that the country had an obligation to pay China Exim a little over $180 million in 4 tranches, every 6 months starting September 2012 as non-payment of the loan could have an “adverse impact” on the country’s credit ratings.Meanwhile, Balisacan said funding for the relaunch of the railway project would be the concern of the Department of Finance.

“It can be a GIA (grant in aid) or soft loan like Japan International Cooperation Agency and World Bank, whatever would give us the least cost of building that infrastructure,” he said. – Social Media – RAPPLERNorthrail project up for NEDA-ICC approval soonJune 2011Plate Numbers and License Cards- From “Matibay na Republika ng Pilipinas” with Rizal in Luneta, was delayed then was replaced with ugly plain white backdrop and black characters.Top Gear PH staffers give their 1st impressions of new license plateBPI Auto LoansEdit: September 9, 2017,Up to until now, due to government only paying the initial payment and not the whole payment, private contractors are getting plate numbers printed in paper and drivers license printed in paper.June 2011MRT Maintenance – from 5.30am to 6.30am and family member doing poor maintenance causing train cabins to derail.PNoy assigning Mar Roxas as new DOTC Secretary.Aquino appoints Roxas as new DoTC chiefLater being blamed for not renewing the contract with Sumitomo and was replaced with an inept PH Trams which is owned by the same political party Aquino and Mar Roxas are in.

Roxas blamed for MRT contract messWho are PH Trams owners-directors?December 12, 2011Ousting of Chief Justice Corona – Unconstitutional.This started when Family owned land Hacienda Luisita was dispersed and distributed to farmers. A long line of bad blood and land grabbing. Like a feudal lord in modern times.DAP: A tale of bribery, greed, and Hacienda LuisitaJanuary 2012Spratlys Man Made Island AirportsPicture shows below how the Atoll was filled in with soil from supposedly a nearby land in the Philippines and that the current administration does not report it nor media has only blamed Duterte for it for in fact, it would not have started if not for the Aquino Admin. Benigno Aquino III as President and in Office from June 30, 2010 to June 30, 2016. Then later files a UN Case for disputed waters.

Somewhere in 2012 while being filled up before being made an airport. Remember during this times Senator Trillanes has been making backdoor deals with Republic of China and has been having flights going back and forth to China. Tell me if NoyNoy does not have knowledge of this.Atoll somewhere in 2012Atoll now November 2017November 2013Yolanda Funds – DSWD purposedly denying relief goods to victims.

According to the report, an inventory of the stocks showed that these goods were damaged, expired or spoiled since June but were disposed of only last September 2 as the DSWD still had to coordinate with Dumaguete City’s Environment and Natural Resources Office (ENRO), the Department of Health (DOH), and the Commission on Audit (COA).DSWD open to probe buried Yolanda relief goods – SolimanJanuary 2015SAF44 – Policemen on pistols/handgun being ordered to hunt down an International Criminal that is with heavy armed group in the jungle.Enrile blames President for SAF 44 massacrePDAF Scam – A lot of congressmen and senators received and benefitted but only a handful were prisoned.In companies, referral means you will be hiring people that were referred by other people with good intention that they can do their job. In the following cases, a Presidential Candidate who was then a senator was tasked to take over these issues and proved inept.Feb 201511.

7-KM Cavite extension LRT 1 project – Project Bid Cancelled due to OverBudget and possible back deals cancelled by Chief Justice Corona but was later impeached.SC asked to halt ‘overpriced’ LRT Cavite extension projectK-12 – This is just my opinion. I don’t like it.4 Selective Justice.

In the works5 Mass Media Mind Conditioning. In the worksFilipino citizens are starting to have an awareness that the mass media are biased in such a way that it is only showing how great Aquino Administration is when well in fact, after knowing the anomalies within the government. Skews reports of positive things done by President Elect Duterte, does not report blunders by previous administration and there is a lot, Skews and demonizes current administration, its authorities and its supporters.

Even its citizens with no comments or suggestions on how to elevate the situation.Social Media Groups through the Internet Facebook Groups such as Lalaban si Leila de Lima, SEN TRILLANES POWER, Pinoy Ako Blog. Major TV Stations such as ABSCBN, GMA. Newspaper Media like Philippine Daily Inquirier. Supposedly Legit Internet News Agency such as Rappler, which has direct affilitiations to friends and families of the Previous Administration.Groups in social media are emerging with fabricated user accounts to comment, reply, suggest, criticize and undermine current administration.If you were a parent and you criticize a child, you do not stay with Criticizing the child on what he did wrong, you tell the child what the child can do better.



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