I experimented with Chinese ink on rice paper.

I am researching on the topic of Landscapes and the
social concerns that arise with it. Landscape is a form of active material
culture that has both shaped people and has been shaped by them.
Oil a rather traditional yet contemporary medium, is one of the primary media
used in my work. Researching on landscapes and ideology my works revolve around
the theme of nature and environment. Earlier started with the notion of landscape
and identity, I now have drifted completely towards landscape and the experience
of landscape. There have been several artistic interventions that generate an
awareness of the concurrent process of ruination. The works on environment and
landscape today pose cultural questions regarding weather and climate and the
way the environment is experienced and imagined.
Alongside, my works also explore the medium of Chinese ink. Over the past
months, I have experimented with Chinese ink on rice paper. This media also
being one of the most traditional way of painting, was regarded as one of the
highest and still is for landscape painting. During the experimentation with
ink, it made me realize that this was a delicate medium and if handled well I
could really explore the vast possibilities.
Environment and nature, in my works I am trying to seek and capture of what it
looks like today. How the natural resources have been exploited and the
perceptions of portraying them have evolved. Nature, with its various
representations in painting, philosophy, poetry and science has come to become
of social value and social change. Through the medium of painting, I am trying
to focus on the effects of climate change and global warming on the scape. Oil
and turpentine give me the liberty to explore the various textures and forms and
the way I depict environment. With a combination of abstraction and reality, I am
exploring the best means to display the environmental concerns. With the
delicacy of the medium of ink and the ink wash technique, this technique uses
the tone and shading achieved by changing the ink density, both by differential
grinding of the ink stick in water and by varying the ink load and pressure
within a single brushstroke.

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