“I thousand cats sold.This deal was celebrated with

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Last updated: May 27, 2019

“I Want To Draw A Cat For You” is an online business owned by Steve Gadlin.This business became tremendously popular after Gadlin made his appearance on the Shark Tank show.Gadlin was seeking a ten-thousand investment and a twenty- five percent of his business.

However, doubling for his original investment request, Mark Cuban offered twenty-five thousand for thirty-three percent agreeing to draw one of every one thousand cats sold.This deal was celebrated with Gadlin’s dance signature and a handshake at the end.It was a successful business that sold thousands of drawings however until this date Steve Gadlin has retired and closed the business after paying Mark Cuban back.      Many people wouldn’t buy this product because they may think it’s unnecessary and a waste of money.However, personally, I will order one because his simple drawings represent something more than just a cat.It all depends on how you give your personal request on what you want him to draw for you.

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It can either give a representation of a miserable or a buoyant moment.For example, during his presentation, I noticed he used pathos, a rhetorical appeal.He mentions that some people ask for there dead pets or breakups to show their emotions over a drawing.In addition, Gadlin also used logos during his presentation saying that he can draw around twenty-five drawings in an hour and around a thousand in a week.Which was impressive because it shows that he can actually make his business grow.

      Gadlin’s simple idea of drawing cats over people’s personal requests was something that quickly caught my attention.I chose this idea because art connects to the world, where everyone can appreciate creativity.Gadlin is incredibly talented, he is passionate and dedicated to what he does.It was exceedingly distinctively how he pitched his idea to the sharks.

His short dance at the beginning had a huge impact on how the sharks saw his business.He was able to get their complete attention with the dance and his humorous personality.Also, with the drawing examples, he displayed to each of the sharks.



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