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I will be outlining and critiquing a Wells Fargo speaker series from USC Upstate name Katherine Pancak. I will be using a well-known model of communication called the Shannon and Weaver. This model of communication was developed in the 1950s by Claude Shannon and Warren Weaver, who were engineers’ workers for Bell Telephone Lab in the United States. They used seven steps of communication like sender, message, channel, receiver, feedback, noise inference, and context. I’m going to critique Ms. Katherine Pancak on these seven steps of Shannon and Weaver.
Katherine Pancak was February Wells Fargo speaker series for USC Upstate George Dean Johnson, Jr. College of Business and Economics in the BMW classroom. She is a professor at the University of Connecticut School of Business and a publisher for numerous real estate journals. She was named in three awards by the Real Estate Association, Inman News, and the Center for Real Estate for 25 years of distinguished service. Ms. Pancak was introduced by the dean of the upstate business school and the Wells Fargo investment manager, Brian G. Green. She gives a presentation on “Commercial Real Estate Markets: Where are We Now, Where are We Headed?”.
Katherine Pancak was the sender her presentation by being a professor at the University of Connecticut School of Business teaching how real estate markets will either become higher or lower moving forward in the marketing business. Her emotional appeal was if we head market rates and pieces of offices, hotels, and industrials increasing then we will be paying more on the rates of building others. Her common ground was studied show that if we lower property rates than we will be paying less for building hotels, homes, and industrials around the upstate. She spoke very loud for everyone can hear what she was saying because the microphone didn’t work during the time she started speaking. Her presentation was very clear for everyone to understand she what going to be talking about marketing in the upstate. Her receiver was upstate business and economics students, faculty and staff, citizens in Spartanburg, and Wells Fargo staff members. There were more citizens in the classroom than students, which were surprising to me because I never thought citizens care enough about marketing. I think she did very good presenting where we headed when market rates and prices are going up in the offices, hospitals, retail, and hotels. When Katherine Pancak was speaking, people phones were ringing during her presentation and eating food. The amount of noise during her presentation wasn’t as bad because everyone tried to be as quite opening chips and eating a sandwich. They give us boxed lunches before entering the classroom than when everyone was seated that’s when the dean started to welcome everyone to the Wells Fargo speaker series. The context was in a large classroom at The George in downtown Spartanburg, SC from 12 pm to 12:55 pm on February 22, 2018. It was a rainy and cloudy day, which I didn’t like because I hate driving in the rain. The rain had slowed down when I got in Spartanburg, but it stops when the presentation was over which was around 1:05 pm.
Critiquing Ms. Katherine Pancak was very interesting because I never sit and focus on the body language, voice, and the audience when going to see speakers. She did great good presenting “Commercial Real Estate Markets: Where are We Now, Where are We Headed?” speech. I notice that many students and citizens will come to see speakers talk about what’s going on in the world or how markets rates are increasing and closing stores down because of it. This Shannon and weaver critique is a great tool to learn how people present themselves when giving a presentation or a speech.

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