I woke up in my bed, awakened by

I woke up in my bed, awakened by the sound that I hadthought was my alarm clock. I was surprised to find out that the glowing redlights state “2:59 am”. If it wasn’t my alarm clock, then what was it? I hadthought to myself while whipping the sleep from my eyes. All of a sudden, Iheard a loud crack. The kind of crack you hear when you spill out a boilingwater on ice. While the cracking noise stuffed my ears, a bright blinding lightcame to my open window and lit up my bedroom.

I could make everything out as ifsomeone had just flipped the switch on. I saw my vanity clear as day across theroom.It took a few moments before I came to my senses and then realizedwhat was going on. I went online on my social media account and had seen the weatherfew hours on my laptop, before I went to sleep. I haven’t noticed any warningsof a storm approaching. But here, I was looking out my window, face to facewith the violent beast.

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Suddenly I heard another loud crack of thunder. “Aghhh!” Iscreamed. Like a scared child frightened of loud scary noise. I heard afootstep coming from outside of my room walking to my bedroom. I knew I woke upsomeone because of my loud scream. The room was dark and someone opened thedoor and turned the lights on. It was my mum. “Hey! we heard your scream from outside,what happened?? Are you okay honey??” mum asked.

“I-I’m okay mum… the loudthunder noise just surprised me.” I responded. “There’s a storm today and forthe rest of the week. It will be like this so If you want, you can sleep in ourbedroom hun.” “No mum, I’m okay… I’m fine…” I said. “Ok… I will go back to bednow.

If you need anything just go to our room, okay?” “Put an earplug if youcan’t sleep because of the noise.” Mum added. “Ok mum… Please turn off the lightas you go.

” My mum then turned the lights off and went back to her room. That thunderouscracking noise was so powerful that my whole house shaken under the power ofthe storm. I crawled bac deep inside my blankets, covering and hiding myselffrom head to toe. Leaving nothing but a tiny space exposed, just the sizeenough for me to see the outside.

Author: Harriet Abbott


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