Identity: on his back. He is a hypocrite.

Identity: When talking about Identity through this novel Hester is the one who comes in handy for she has went through a lot.

Starting from the beginning in the scarlet letter the public (Massachusetts bay Colony) where controlling hester’s identity for her. As she was embarrassed and ashamed in front of the community as she had a big red A on her dress for the public can realise that she had committed adultery as her complex character was hidden inside of her. She has been isolated from the public until she started interacting with them and help out with the poor and the ones in need. As she then changes the meaning of “A” Adultery to become more of a self-empowerment. This shows that taking over yourself can let you take over your identity.

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Sin: According to the Puritans every human being is born with a sin as this book begins to a beginning with Hester being ashamed publicly for committing adultery for she won’t reveal her daughter pearl’s father as he is missing after he sent her to Boston. As the public suspects dimmesdale is pearl’s father he has been living with chillingworth suffering. However people tend to feel so bad for him as no one realizes that he already has his big pile of sin carried on his back. He is a hypocrite. He denies all of his sins to the public and dies not long later along with chillingworth and now we can see that their sin is the sin that needed to be sentenced to death not Hester committing Adultery.

To sum it up Hester and Dimmesdale’s story is noticed like adam and eve for they both had punishment given after all the suffer they chose to go through.Revenge: Revenge during The Scarlet Letter dealt with Chillingworth he was the evil character that seeks revenge even though it wasn’t that much of a need. His plan was on taking revenge over Dimmesdale as he was the suspect of pearls (hester’s daughter) father. Although Chillingworth didn’t love hester as much he still didn’t want to let Dimmesdale free like that for he was angry. He  decide that she already had much torture from the public so it is time for him to take revenge on Dimmesdale.

At first he  wanted to kill him but then thought about it and decided to slower the process he figures out a way to torture him  little by little until he couldn’t stand it anymore.Dimmesdale thought it was best to confess so he did so and chillingworth’s mission was over right there.

Author: Doyle Chandler


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