ielts speaking question types

ielts speaking question types BY kimchi1711 Question type 1: Comparing question Topic: Are family nowadays the same as they used to be? Along with the change of society, the family sentiment also changes.

It is easy to see that families are not as close as they used to be. There are many reasons for that, in which the major ones are the negative influence of modern life, the rapid development of technology, and the changes of young people’s opinion about family. First of all, it is not difficult to see the consequence of the other side of modern life, particularly the family life.Nowadays, parents seem to suffer greater pressure from their work. Hard competition in careers requires them to spend more time on work, and so their time for children is less. This leads the increasingly far distance between parents and children, and makes children feel to be emotionally deprived. Many psychologists say that there are many solutions to these problems, which require parents to plan to balance their work with their care for children.

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In fact, it is much better if parents should spend their weekends on playing with children instead of working.Such actions as going picnic, camping, and going to the park are even small but bring huge positive impact like the closer distance between parents and children. Secondly, in spite of technologys positive effect such as bringing people who are from far to closer through Internet, webcam, it also influences negatively on the relationship between parents and children.

Children, most of who suffer emotional derivation, easily find to the virtual world and gradually stay in there, soon forget the real life. This problem results that children may become game- addicted, class kipped, and easily commit on social evils.To prevent that consequence, parents should teach their children how to play games in moderation, and orient them towards out-side games like sports. Besides, game manufacturers should create more family games to relax after school and work hour. Last but not least, that is the change of young people’s opinion about families. In the past, there used to be three or four generations living in the same Asian house.

As young people nowadays think that they need to be more free and independent in life, two-generation- families have replaced.This is partly good because it proves that the young generation nowadays has high consciousness about their responsibility. However, this may harm the relationship between family members as they scatter most of the time, and gather together only in families’ festivals. Therefore, to maintain it, it is necessary for them to held more activities which attract the attendance of the whole family.

and the changes in young people’s opinion are inevitable. The important thing is that we need to find for oneself the best way to improve their family relationship.



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