If the world would bypass cheaper products,

If Eli Whitney had not invented the cotton gin, slavery would have been put to an end early as well as it being a less issue with state rights. The gin allowed plantation owners to make more money from cotton, so they planted more, and needed more slaves to harvest it. As a result, slavery and the unfair treatment of the United States increased. Also, there would have been a huge impact on plantations. Believe it or not, there would be an impact on the Civil War. After the invention, cotton plantations were a large economic focus.
The south would have industrialized, as the plantations of the south would not have been able to sustain themselves. There would be fewer cotton farms; meaning, more food crops, tobacco, and sugar would be planted. Cotton would have cost more due to less being produced and planted.
Eli Whitney’s invention was one of a kind. Without the cotton gin invention, the efficiency of manufacturing would be poor today. Despite the negative aspects, the world would bypass cheaper products, numerous jobs, and an increase of immigration.

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