If ProBlogger, TechCrunch and even news blog like

If you already have a blog
or plan to start one and are wondering how to make money off a blog, then you
have come to the right place. In this guide, I will share with you 30 legit
ways to earn money through blogging with WordPress blog. However, if what you
are looking for is ways to get rich over night by making money online, you can
take your search elsewhere. The tips I will share with you aren’t get rich
quick schemes.


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WordPress is the most
popular PHP open source website creation tool ever. It is a content management
system (CMS) in existence today and according to recent survey, WordPress is
used by 29.3% of all the websites on the internet.

Who uses WordPress?

Nearly all renowned
bloggers use WordPress to publish on the web. Famous blogs like Marshable,
ProBlogger, TechCrunch and even news blog like The New Times’ blog are all run
on WordPress.

Should I Blog About?

One question that wannabe bloggers
constantly ask is ‘what should I blog about?’ I would recommend you focus on
niches that make money. You probably have been told to build your blog around
your passion and I completely agree. However, ensure that what you are
passionate about is capable of making you money online. Are people interested
in what you are passionate about? What kind of products or services are your
audience interested in? These questions must be carefully answered.

Profitable Niche + great
content + targeted traffic = MONEY! MONEY!! MONEY!!!

To get you started fast, I
will share some of 8 best blog niches to make money.

Below are the best blog
niches to make money online. Just pick any one and you are good to go.

1.   Make
Money Online:

include the following: how to blog, email marketing product development, affiliate
marketing, social media, advertising, writing, SEO and freelancing.

blog, BlogIncomeTips.com falls under this niche.

2.   Health
and Fitness niche:

loss, Natural and Home remedies, Sleeping disorder, Fertility, etc. are
examples of Health and fitness niche.

3.   Technology

Apps, Software and Gadgets blogs falls under this niche.

4.   Personal
Finance niche

5.   Beauty
and Fashion niche

6.   Food

7.   Personal
Development niche and

8.   Lifestyle

Much Money Can You Make Blogging?

How much bloggers make
varies. While some bloggers make a whole lot some don’t make that much. How
much you can make from a blog depends on so many factors which include but not
limited to your chosen niche, how well you are known in your chosen niche, how
outstanding and engaging your contents are, how wide your network is,
connection to companies for advertisement, age of website, etc.

However according to the
finding of Amy Lynn Andrews, most bloggers make about 1% of their monthly
pageviews. For example, if a blogger got 50,000 pageviews per month, they make
roughtly $500 a month. If they got 500,000 pageviews per month, it will amount
to about $5000 monthly income. Don’t forget that More traffic = more money. No
traffic = No money.

Will You Need To Make Money Blogging?

To earn money through
blogging with WordPress, you need the following: (a) Pick a niche (b) Register
a domain name, (c) Purchase a web hosting plan (d) Get a blog – Install a
blogging platform (e) Create great content (f) Build up your audience.

– Pick a great niche:

Pick a great niche and you
are good to go. We have covered this above. Remember that a profitable niche
with targeted traffic is equal to MONEY.

– Register a domain name:

To register a domain name,
go with NameCheap or GoDaddy. I used GoDaddy for my first (experimental) blog
but currently I use NameCheap for all my domain names including Blog Income
Tips. NameCheap is slightly cheaper but in my opinion both are okay. Ensure
that your domain name is cool, something that reflect what the blog is about or
that can be branded. It should not be too long and must be memorable. 

– Purchase a web hosting

If you are just starting
out and probably want something cheap with great quality, then go with iPage.
IPage is my top recommended budget hosting company because they offer cheap and
reliable hosting.

If however, you are
willing to pay just a little extra, I recommend that you host your blog on
either Bluehost or SiteGround because they offer the best hosting packages
ever.  This very site, for your info, is
hosted on Bluehost. BlueHost gives a free domain name for one year.  

– Get a blog – Install a
blogging platform:

If you are yet to start
your blog, I strongly recommend that you use WordPress (WordPress.org). You can
also move your existing blog to WordPress. WordPress is easy to use and learn.

But what about free blog

I will strongly advise
against running your blog on free platforms like blogger.com, or WordPress.com.
These platforms are great if all you want is a place to share your thoughts and
ideas but if however you want to make money online with your blog, stick to
WordPress.org. The free platforms come with a lot of limitations, for example,
with WordPress.com, you can’t use image ads and imposes countless limitations
on sponsored post and affiliate marketing. Blogger.com on the other hand frowns
at non-Google ads.

– Create Great Content:

You probably must have
heard of the phrase “Content is the King”, I totally agree. Great web content
will not only endear you to the heart of the almighty Google but keep your
readers spell bound on your content which is what you need if you must make
money off your blog. Your blog posts must offer solution and must be well
crafted and capable of engaging readers.

– Build Up Your Audience:

If you, your friends and
immediate family are the only people who know about your blog, you may no doubt
gain their admiration but certainly not make money. Think of your blog as a
shopping mall. You make no dime if people don’t know it even exist. To make
money off a blog, it must attract visitors. The more traffic (visitors) you
get, the more money you can make. More traffic = more money. No traffic = No
money. It’s is as simple as that. In my opinion, it is better to spend more
time focusing on getting visitors to your site than spend more time crafting
new articles or posts.

In summary, pick a
profitable niche, buy domain name or get one free from hosting company like
Bluehost, buy hosting from Bluehost or SiteGround, Install your WordPress blog,
Craft rich and engaging content and finally drive traffic to the blog. It is
only after doing these that you can monetize you blog and expect to make money
with it. 

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