If lineup of high end “PREDATOR” Series monitors

If you are a creative professional like computer programmer, photographer, graphic artist, YouTube content creator or a film editor then the Dell UltraSharp U3417W is the perfect ultrawide monitor for you.Why I’m recommending it? Well, a professional monitor needs to project colors, real-world tones and hues as precisely as possible. And that is where the Dell U3417W comes in.This beautiful 21:9 curved display has a 34-inch 1440p 10 bit IPS panel with 1.07 Billion colors, and an impressive contrast ratio of 1000:1 with brightness set to 75 percent of maximum (328 lux).

 Moreover, this monitor is highly color accurate since it supports 100 percent of sRGB along with 78 percent of AdobeRGB color space.Let’s talk about what works in the U3417W. The massive screen of this ultrawide monitor is perfect for your office desk or workspace.

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You can split the 34″ screen and navigate across multiple application windows via the Picture in Picture mode in the OSD. If you’re upgrading from a single 1080p or 1440p monitor, you’ll be amazed to see how you can work simultaneously on multiple windows with this giant 34″ screen and boost production.To hook up your PC to the U3471W, you’re getting the option of HDMI 2.0 ports, a DisplayPort 1.2, Mini DisplayPort and USB 3.0 hub on the back of the monitor.

 And to top it all off, there’s a versatile on-screen menu system for display calibration and color adjustments.All these features make the Dell U3417W the best ultrawide monitor for professional programmers, artists, and graphic designers.In short, the Dell UltraSharp U3415W provides accurate colors, contrast, and vibrant images out of the box.

If you are looking for something that will easily replace a multi-monitor setup on your desk, then i’d suggest to purchase this ultrawide monitor. A massive screen, excellent contrast ratio and vivid, accurate colors make the Dell U3415W a must have for creative professionals.Acer has a full lineup of high end “PREDATOR” Series monitors that are targeted towards the gamers. One of their most recognized and widely praised monitor is the “Acer Predator x34”. It’s a big and expensive display that offers enormous benefits to gamers who wants smooth, lag-free gameplay while retaining amazing picture quality.Now, For 1000$, you’re getting an elegant 34″ curved IPS display with a resolution of 3440×1440 pixels, 4ms GTG response time, great color depth ( 1.

07 billion) and 60 Hz refresh rate. You can overclock the display to 100 Hz via the On Screen Display (OSD).Wait, that’s not all, the Cherry on top is the addition of Nvidia’s G-Sync module. With predator x34, you won’t have to choose between a lightning fast refresh rate and superb image quality anymore. Trust me, gaming on the x34 is an awesome experience.

 The massive curved screen along with G-Sync pushing this beast to 100 Hz delivers the next level of immersion. Keep in mind that getting the best out of this monitor in this huge resolution requires a powerful Nvidia graphics card. (GTX 980, 980Ti, 1070, 1070Ti, 1080, 1080Ti and Titan series cards).Let me talk about the benefits of G-Sync a bit more. Nvidia’s technology to ensure fluid gameplay even at lower frame rates is a revolution for gaming.

It completely eliminates the stuttering and screen tearing that you must have frequently seen in a regular monitor with V-Sync. And more importantly, G-Sync grants the ability to utilize lower powered GPUs for lag free gameplay without any drastic effects on the overall experience.Look, I know there are less expensive G-Sync panels on the market if you want to experience the same thing. However where the Acer x34 takes things to the next level is the inclusion of an IPS panel.

In addition to the already impressive gameplay experience, you’re also getting a display that produces incredibly accurate colors, stunningly detailed image and contrast ratio from any angle. Think I’m finished? NO, there’s Built-in LED Lighting underneath the panel. It is a nice addition to the overall aesthetic of the monitor. Also, you can customize the LEDs to show your favorite color. I can assure you that the LEDs look fantastic with any setup.

And those who don’t fancy the lights can turn it off. The lights and IPS panel make the x34 stands out among other G-Sync panels.Although a bit expensive, the Acer Predator X34 is the best ultrawide gaming monitor equipped with Nvidia G-Sync technology.



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