If people shouldn’t do drugs is that

If you take drugs you might not be able to control yourself as much as you usually do. Thats what will happen if you take drugs. People should do less drugs because they damage yourself, can’t control yourself, and how dangerous drugs are.One reason why people should do drugs is that drugs will damage your body because drugs can cause heart attacks. It is really hard to stop a heart attack and a heart attack has a high chance of killing you. According to Mary L. Gavin a medical doctor,  “Illegal drugs can damage the brain, heart, and other important organs”. The brain and heart are some of the most  important organs in your body and if they get hurt or if they stop working correct that could be life threatening.Another reason that people shouldn’t do drugs is that drugs can make you not able to control yourself because they will make you sad or upset. You could make someone else think that there’s something wrong and make them help you. The more you take the more you get addicted to them. If you can’t stop taking drugs the more you will have problems and the more you cant stop yourself from taking the drug.Last reason why people shouldn’t do drugs is because the dangers that drugs are to your body because they cause nausea, vomiting and abdominal pain. That is bad because sometimes when you vomit it could hurt and be bad for your body and for your weight. Cause lung disease. If your lungs have a disease that could cause trouble breathing and other problems.Critics may say what if you want to be sad or upset because you could’ve had a bad day and not wanted to feel the same way. Yeah but there are more effects than those when you take drugs.Now you should think that drugs are really harmful because you can badly hurt your body, can’t control yourself, and how dangerous they are. You shouldn’t do drugs because that can happen to you if you take them. Just think about what’s good for your body.

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