If use the service of the evening delivery.

If you are in Canada or soon are going to visit the country – good news for you! KFC Canada, the fast food restaurant, focusing on serving well-fired chicken, accepts bitcoin for payment since this year January 11. Moreover, the branch has started selling crypto-friendly “Bitcoin Bucket”, alongside with its original chicken buckets.Heaven For Bitcoin-Fans & Chicken Gourmets”Bitcoin Bucket” has been out since KFC Canada started creating the hype over the new themed product on social networks. The company informed about its novelty on Twitter, in particular, stating:”KFC Canada presents The Bitcoin Bucket.

Sure, we don’t know exactly what Bitcoins are, or how they work, but that shouldn’t come between you and some finger lickin’ good chicken.” Furthermore, Canadian KFC resorted to livestreaming the price of the bucket in BTC. Interestingly, it is bounded to the exchange rate of $20 CAD but swings depending on the price of bitcoin itself. Unluckily for the rest of the world, the “Bitcoin Bucket” is available only in Canadian local restaurants. But if you appear in the region, do not miss the opportunity to use the service of the evening delivery. You might have also wondered what is inside the magical “Bitcoin Bucket”. Well, the following information is for the genuine KFC-fans:10 original recipe tenderswaffle fries,a medium sidemedium gravytwo dipsHow To Pay?KFC Canada receives bitcoin funding methods by dealing with BitPay.

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However, the fiat money is still accepted. If you stick to traditional payment means the company will still be glad to serve you meal like that. Nevertheless, KFC is looking forward to adopting alternative coins in order to attract those clients, who are staying away from BTC high transaction fees.PR Stunt And Smart Jokes TimeThe official Twitter of KFC has been known for its buffoonery style. It seems that KFC Canada decided to retrace its footsteps, twitting hilarious remarks and promoting the freshly launched product.

For example, the company schemed to unveil the real identity of bitcoin’s ‘father’ Satoshi Nakamoto, inviting him to taste their bucket. Additionally, KFC Canada cracks jokes about price drops of bitcoin bucket referring to the value swings of the most known cryptocurrency. It also recently informed the clients about all the new buckets being sold out, and that the company needed to ‘mine’ some more of them. To see more amusing jokes, keep scrolling down.

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