IGN(In everyone is helped and satisfied. I’m

IGN(In Game Name): Batco

Age: 16

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Timezone: PST

Country: United States

Do you have a good quality mic?: Yes

Do you have Telegram & Teamspeak?: Yes

How many hours can you put in the server per week: Weekdays 4-6 Weekends 14+

Any previous punishments on PlasticHCF?: No

Any past experiences in being a staff member: Yes, I have been GM or Global Moderator on a server called Minecade. It’s a well known server with around 3k players at it’s peak playing. I learned a lot about moderating while doing that job and it’s taught me most of what I know. I’ve also been staff on a few smaller servers that no one really knows. SaintPvp -Admin 50+ players. Epsilon Skyblock- Senior Mod 35+ players. All of these have taught me what I now know and have helped me throughout my journey.

Why do you want to become staff?: Hcf is my favorite gamemode by far in minecraft. But the reason I want to become staff is because I love taking on challenges and accepting more responsibility. I love playing Minecraft, it’s one of my favorite games to play. A quality that I have that I think most do not is that I will drop anything I’m doing, no matter how much I enjoy doing it, to help someone else out. I will never leave someone un attended and I personally will make sure everyone is helped and satisfied. I’m also very dependable. I will always be there for you as long as you have my back as well. I will bring hard work and dedication, and I will bring my creative mind. Lastly being staff will help me link with the community more. Being staff gives you responsibility but also gives you a sense of belonging and meaning.

Why should we accept you as staff?: You should accept me as staff because of the experience I present, and the attributes I can bring to the staff team, and the future of this server. Let me start off by saying how motivated I am. I play sports, mainly football. I have dedicated myself so much to this sport that I have broken school records. This is what I will bring to the server. I will bring hard work and dedication and make sure the player base is friendly and clean for everyone to enjoy. I work well with others. I’m a lighthearted guy and am always looking to make new friends. I can prove myself to be a leader at times when it is needed most as well. I know very well how to moderate servers and make sure that the server is hassle free and everything is running smooth. I can bring creativity and imagination to the team as well. I can come up with ideas that will help out the server and maybe even make it better. I love to help players as well. I want to maintain a clean chat and also make sure that hackers don’t go unpunished and that everyone is enjoying the server. I have a good understanding of how commands work and what commands do what things. I could easily multi task and manage chat while doing something else. To end it off I want to say why you should accept me and then list my most defining characteristics. I believe that their will be strong applications for this server. But I also believe that I am qualified enough to become staff. I am responsible and hard-working, while still having fun on the server and maintaining relationships with everyone as well. My strong sense of justice helps me maintain focus and make tough decisions for the betterment of the server. I am dynamic and bring strong ideas to the table and I take action on things I care about. I feel that if you give me a chance I will prove my worth to you and your team. Here are my characteristics I think most define me.
Responsible: I am super responsible and will always do what is needed and always lend a helping hand, and I take account for my actions.
Dependable: I am very dependable, I will always be there for someone, I will always be online, I will always have your back.
Self-Motivated: I am desired to achieve above and beyond expectations. I am motivated to do the best I can.
Confidence: I am confident in myself and my abilities to be a staff.
Optimism/Positivity: I never think a task is too difficult, I will always face a challenge no matter how large.
Courage: Sometimes leaders will have to make unpopular decisions among most, but I will be brave enough to make those and go through with it.
Engaged: I am focused on the problem at hand and won’t be distracted.
Humor: I’m still funny and lighthearted in those intense situations.
Character: I am well defined and have my own unique characteristics.
Dedicated: I am dedicated and will not go for staff on other servers. I will be on when I can and help when I can.

Additional Information: I just want to say thank you for reading my application and taking the time out of your days. I have proven myself on minecade and on other servers and I will do it again here if I am given the opportunity. You will not be let down.

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