I’m manger devotes 24 hours 7 days a

I’m looking into an artist manger what the job involves, what
an artist manager has to do, how they get the job, what training and
qualifications they will need, how much they get paid how much they can earn
and also how an artist manager interacts with others.


What does
an artist manager’s job involve?

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An artist manager negotiates contacts and fees, finding
bookings and events that match the performer’s career strategy, an artist
manager advises the performer about career decisions. The artist manager also
has to improve the performer’s publicity and promote them to the public eye.
Most artist managers build a strong reputation for a good client service, attracting
more top performers make the artist manager a lot more money. Artist mangers
have to be constantly up to date with what’s happening in the industry, they
will constantly spend a lot of time establishing and maintaining relationships,
using contacts that they know to build up their performer’s career. An artist
manger devotes 24 hours 7 days a week their job.


How can you
become an artist manager?

To be an artist manager you have to be extremely
knowledgeable about the music industry. You will be in control of publicity,
label relations, publishing relations, venue or agent relations, and all other
aspects of helping the performer become a known artist. Next step is to create
your own management company. Make up your own name and create business cards
and a logo. Having a business card gives you legitimacy, and also you will need
to create your own website. Next step is to find a band or solo artists to
manage, this can be both difficult and easy, it all depends on your location,
how hard you look for the performers, and the places you look for them, to
start off with go to local shows and once you have found a well talented
artist/ band wait till they’ve finished and give them your card. Make sure
you’re not pushy or arrogant because first impressions are key, stay
professional. Also don’t settle for just any musical performer, because you as
the artist manager has to make your performers become big to the public eye.
You have to have passion for your artists you must believe in the
artists/performers or you won’t get far, push them further then they have ever
gone. Be passionate.  When you have
decided on the artist’s/performer’s you want to represent follow them up with an
email or a phone call and show them you’re interested that you want to talk about
their career and their goals. Next step is to have a meeting with your
artist/artist’s dress up professionally, talk to them about their current
career circumstances, and show them how passionate you are about making them
become famous. You then have a contact and which the artist/artist’s signs to
have you as their artist manager. That’s you then starting as an artist manger.





qualifications do you need?

With being an artist manager you don’t really need
qualifications, although going through collage or even university will be
helpful it won’t necessarily be needed. 
As long as you know the basics of being an artist manager who they
interact with and who they need to know that’s really it.


What are
the responsibilities of an artist manager?

Being an artist manager comes with a lot of responsibilities,
an artist manager has to manage all aspects of the artists meetings, studio
time, tour schedule and public appearance schedule.  The artist manager also makes sure the
performers mental ability and emotion stability is intact because if the artist
for example is depressed it will have an extremely bad impact on the way the
performer produces music and performs. The artist manger repeatedly seek to add
value to the artist by making the performer focus on purely writing and
recording music to a very high standard. Dealing with record companies and
appoint a solicitor to take responsibilities of the legal side of the
music/recording. Handling tv enquires and press are extremely important in
building up the artist public profile the artist manger has to take care of
that as well, also the artist manager has to exploit marketing opportunities
and mitigate any damaging events or rumours towards the performers public


How much
does an artist manager get paid?

An artist manager’s salary ranges from £23,385 to £55,107
(according to salaryquest.com) UK artist managers expect a starting salary of
£25,000 (based in London where most artist managers are located). It all
depends on the performer and how much money they make and how much of the
overall percentage you agree on but is normally about 10% to 25%, but if the
performer doesn’t get any money then the artist manager won’t get any money at


Who does
artist managers interact with?

Artist manager interact with everyone in the music industry
because they let the Artist/performers get on with performing producing and
practising. Therefore the artist manager does everything else, here are some
people that the artist manager interacts with:

Artist managers interact with Venue owners/ Promoter to get
gigs for their clients.

Photographers are vital because an artist manager needs head
shots and cd/record covers for their clients (artists/performers).

Record companies are crucial because the client needs to be
signed to then release cd/records to the public. The artist manager want to
make sure the record companies give the Best possible deal to the artists/performers.  

Artists/ performers are the most important because the
without artist’s/performers the artist manager will have no one to work with.

Journalist need to write articles, biographies on the artist
manager’s artists/performers this helps the public and record companies
discover who the artist’s/performers and how they are as ordinary people.

Maybe the artist manager is doing too much that they employ a
booking agent to get the artist mangers artists/performers gigs across the

An artist manager may employ an accountant to manage money
and evenly spread out all the funds of the most important things.  

An artist manager with have a lawyer to manage all the legal
rights of the artist manager’s artists/performers. Not only managing all the legal
right but with copyright with the songs/records the artists/performers produce.
If the band are a success having a lawyer read through the record contract is
really important, because the record company could take all your money and be a



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