Imagine and poems. The evidence for his own

Imagine 454 years ago a man named WIlliam Shakespeare who has wrote magnificent plays that still remain till this day and they are well used in many different ways, like plays, poems and books! William Shakespeare was a very respected british poet who wrote praised dramas in the english language! He has written well known plays that are wonderful and exquisite such as, Hamlet, Macbeth, Romeo and Juliet, twelve nights, ect. .

. He has written 38 plays and 154 sonnets! Shakespeare was born and brought up in a small town called Stratford-upon-Avon, Warwickshire. Which is approximately 100 miles northwest of london. Surely enough he was baptised on April 26, 1564. He was married at 18, 1582, to Anne Hathaway.

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We don’t really have  evidence that he was the greatest poet. The evidence is short such as, he has no rough drafts in his remains. There is no evidence that he even had education. How is it that Leonard De vente lived around the same time, and before he his painted paintings there were millions of rough drafts that  he had worked on.

His only remaining personal prize was his will. One of the questions scholars ask: Did William write anything they say he did or was it a more professional artist? To write something as beautiful as those famous plays without having important schooling or any at all should he have made his mark? There are some people that think that Earl of oxford or Sir francis bacon wrote those miraculous plays and poems. The evidence for his own poems and plays are limited. Back in that day there was no internet, no cars, none of the transportation we have now! So how would he write for an example: Romeo and Juliet, which was set in Italy. William Shakespeare was a british boy that grew up in England. So it would take a decade to travel to Italy and it would take a month or more to understand how they talk, eat, and their normal life! But Sir Francis Bacon has been to Italy so he would know more than Shakespeare.

Unfortunately do not really know the truth; if it was William Shakespeare wrote all those plays or poems. Over years William made his mark and it was pretty believable back then, but the question has still stumped people. We will not have the correct information from these predictions that  some people came up with! But we have enough information that we could have a quiet rough guess on each side of the argument! But the proof came to a solid conclusion that there was a man called William Shakespeare and he had an ID as an actor in the late 1500’s.Usually there are people that question Shakespeare this when it comes to his plays and poems  which causes different beliefs to his story and his life.

These theories are the reason this is important to human culture because that not only changes the thought of the author of the  speechless plays, poems and sonnets but also to the history of the english language. In 50 years or so will there be proof?



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