Imagine fabric. Our current understanding is very limited,

Imagine you are working for Nasa. You have been studying and training for most of your life for this moment. As you prepare, you go over your routine again. All of a sudden, a countdown starts. You put the helmet on your head, and prepare for what comes next. As the clock reaches zero, you are propelled out into open space. You are trying to find what astronauts were looking for, for ages. All of a sudden you are transported to a new place in the universe. This is what some believe would happen if you were to travel through a wormhole.What is a wormhole?Wormholes are theoretical pathways through spacetime. Essentially, these pathways would allow for instantaneous travel throughout our universe, maybe other universes, and even through time. However, scientists have yet to grasp how we would create a wormhole, or even find one, much less how we could journey through one.How do these work?The good thing is, we think we may understand how these work. We believe that wormholes are created when space-time fabric is manipulated in such a way that a portal would open up. Here is an easy way to create a wormhole diagram; get a piece of paper. This is the Fabric of Spacetime. Now, fold this paper over and stick a pencil through your paper, where it is going through both sides, as shown in the diagram. Now, your pencil is showing you what a wormhole would theoretically do to spacetime.    Do we truly understand wormholes?         However, for scientists to truly understand how a wormhole works, we need to further our understanding of spacetime fabric. Our current understanding is very limited, but spacetime fabric explains a lot of what was previously very confusing. It proved the strange route of Mercury not to be from another planet’s (thought to be closer to the sun than mercury) gravitational pull, but from the warping of spacetime fabric in the area, influencing the way the planet moves throughout the universe.                              How do we create one?Even though we understand how a wormhole might work, we still do not know how to create one. However, since matter influences the spacetime fabric. So, if this is true, all we would have to do is find out how matter influences spacetime, and how we could influence matter in just the right way so that a wormhole might be created, as shown in the illustration.How long would the travel take?According to Einstein’s theory of relativity, time is relative to the observer. This means that when traveling through a wormhole, the time to travel through the wormhole for the traveler could be instantaneous, and time could go by differently for those on earth. However, it is possible that everyone else could observe time as you did, but that is very unlikely.Can we really travel through them?Even if we were able to create one, we also believe that wormholes would be very unstable. So, the problem now lies in keeping one open long enough for someone to travel through it, as we believe that if matter enters the wormhole, it would immediately start to close down on the matter. This could be why we have yet to observe one, because if matter were to enter the wormhole fast enough, and if our telescopes were not trained on just the right spot at the time one opened, we would miss the ground-breaking event.          Where could wormholes lead us? Wormholes could, we believe, lead us anywhere in our universe, and, if they exist, maybe even other universes. If other universes do exist, this would be called the multiverse. However, we have little evidence to support this theory. Recently though, astronomers discovered evidence of inflation, which is what happens after a big bang.We obviously know that this was not our universe’s big bang, because if it was we would not be here to tell about it, because humanity wouldn’t have been created. What is different from other universes compared to our own?We believe that other universes would have to be more than 92 billion light years away, which is the distance around earth that we can observe, and they could be very different from ours. Our universe is incredibly fine tuned for life, but other universes may not be. In fact, other universes may not even have light. Alien universes could have more than 4 dimensions, and could have, or be missing many things unimaginable to us.  This revolutionary idea could open up a whole new world of discovery, travel, and historical knowledge, as wormholes could allow us to travel through time. However,since the existence of wormholes have yet to be proven, and the opening of one has not proved to be possible, some of us have a hard time spending a lot of time thinking about this. However, we used to think the earth was flat, so in a way, anything could be discovered. I challenge you to pursue and extend your knowledge about this topic to help improve the future.

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