Immigration: Is It an Important Asset for the U.S.A.?

PDA According to the Migration Policy Institute (MP’), in what ways has immigration become the most significant social, political, economic process, in recent United States history? Kevin Jernegan states that immigration has shaped the United States over the past century more than any other social, political, or economic process. He believes that America’s profound demographic and cultural transformation will of course continue, and the policies that govern who can enter our country will basically affect every way f life in the next century.The earliest form of immigration regulation dates back to the 1860s but the first policy was created in 1945. The National Origins Act and the Immigration and the Nationality Act of 1952 both aimed to limit immigration by favoring people from Europe over other regions. Years later, in 1965 Congress passed the Immigration and Nationality Amendments which set in motion a powerful set of forces that still shape the United States today.

Since the 1960s, the number of foreign born people in the US has increased. In terms of absolute numbers, this number is at its highest point in history. The US borders with Mexico and Canada are among the most busiest in the entire world. Canada is the United States largest trading partner, with an average of 1.

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2 billion dollars traded every single day. And in second place, is Mexico with around 733 million dollars traded per day.With Mexicans being roughly ne quarter of the foreign born population in the United States, the southern border is extremely important for the futures of Mexio and the U. S.

In 2001 , according to the US Embassy in Mexico City, the U. S processed 2,650,912 non immigrant visa applications in Mexico. With a 17% increase, this number has shown that the U. S is growing more dependent on Mexico.

With all these numbers rising, and the forgein born population increasing, Immigration has proven to be a major asset to America’s history.



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