Improving effects indirectly the people around the smokers

Improving public health and providing awareness must be given high priority. the process on negotiation planning is as follows:
The main goal is to stop smoking in public areas. As smoking is a major issue and many of them are addicted to it. In present world this is a mojor
cause for cancer in many of them who smoke. This also effects indirectly the people around the smokers who are inhaling this smoke.
In order to reduce this problem, establishing a negotiation process would be ideal.
If we are losing negotiation from our end, in this case it helps us with other possible options.
The main important point in negotiation planning is to identify the limits and resistance points very clearly.
In the process of 10 step negotiation planning process, understanding the other party’s ideas is also discussed.
In my opinion, if we understand the idea of the other party then we can negotiate better by using many ideas which are suited for the situation.
In this case, government might be concerned about the amount which is getting by the
tobacco business because if a circular is passed against smoking then the revenue by this might be effectd.
Therefore, the effects and impacts of smoking on public health should be listed clearly and then they should pass the statement.
If the parties come to an agreement and if it is approved by the majority of the public then it will be approved and implemented.

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