the Parlement of Paris revolted

In 1648, the Parlement of Paris revolted against the prime minister, Mazarin. In an act of defiance, the Parlement of Paris wanted to overthrow the crown by conducting a Civil War, known as the Fronde. During the Fronde, Louis XIV suffered through many challenges and had to overcome poverty. The year 1653, marked Mazarin’s victory over the Fronde. After the war had ended, Mazarin initiated the intricate building of administration. This allowed Louis XIV to stand by and observe Mazarin as a mentor. “On September 8 Louis XIV, aged thirteen, announced that he was ending the regency of his mother, and was taking the government into his own hands,” (Durant 3). Although, when Louis XIV had come of age, he was still afraid to question Mazarin’s authority. ” Louis XlV did not want to be remembered as an ordinary man who happened to be king” (Wolf 2). Therefore, when he finally assumed full responsibility of the French throne, he immediately set about reforming France. His first goal was to uphold an absolute monarch and centralize his control over France, consequently, initiating his long rule as a centralized authority.

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