In a secondary work placement and was requested

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Last updated: May 30, 2019

In the pursuit of advanced and additional studies to better myself and achieve, this has led me towards this application to your esteemed univesity. I believe these studies will prove indispensable for my future career development and will benefit me for the rest of my life.I have chosen to apply for university courses related to biology, particularly human aspects of biology. I believe these to be exciting, challenging courses that will allow me to expand and develop my studies from areas which I find interesting . I appreciate the importance and involvement of biology in countless aspects of daily life as well as its contribution to the healthy state of people and the environment.All aspects of chemistry and the every-changing needs of society, the biochemical field fascinates me.

In particular, I most enjoy biochemistry and the challenge of understanding chemistry and its surrounding issues. In addition, there are many career choices open to me .Having a week’s placement at the Trafford Town hall, where I worked at the Transformation & Resources department, was a very interesting experience. Being able to work as part of a team with members of the department throughout the week improved my teamwork and communication skills. I was also entrusted to handle confidential information, which I carried out efficiently and professionally.

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  I also worked at Everest pharmacy as a secondary work placement and was requested to execute more the 10 tasks over 5 days.These experiences have helped me develop many skills (Team work, Independence at work, communication, creativity and problem solving) that will help in my journey of becoming successful  in biomedical science .As for my hobbies, I’ve always played football, basketball and practised taekwondo (Black belt), as for football I entered many tournaments with my team (as the captain of the team) and for taekwondo I have participated and won 1 gold medal in fighting competition I am a very independent and ambitious young man who will delighted to thrive at the opportunity to study at your university for two main reason, the first reason is because you have an outstanding reputation and the second reason is because I believe that your university will help elevate me to the next level the at this field of studies which will definitely help hone my skills therefore I am hoping you will accept me as a student of your university, I feel it will be a very important stepping stone through life and higher education, where I would like to pursue a career in .


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