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In contrast,with many benefits arguments of vaccination, there are still many ideas anddisagreement about this “magical prevention method” for people’s health.Although vaccines are safe for patients after injected, some cases people getmany symptoms such as feeling uncomfortable in eyes or cause pain, trauma orallergic, but they are very rare in almost time. To be more serious, vaccinesare not safe which linked the patient to autism.

It is a symptom of theuncontrolled behavior of activities and way of thinking that is completelydifferent to other normal people. Autism is a really harmful symptom for peoplebecause it makes us can’t control our attitude, characterization reaction asnormal life of normal people. “As reported by a study from Journal ofToxicology and Environmental Health published in 2011 has confirmed a positivecorrelation between the proportion of children who received vaccinations ineach state over the interval from 2001 to 2007 and the incidence of autism orspeech and language impairment.”1″For each 1% increase in vaccination rate, 680 additional children were diagnosedwith autism or speech delay.”2Those sources are recorded by various of studies which prove that theingredient of vaccines is also contained harmful elements that lead to theconsequences of autism for people.

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Not only thimerosal is the ingredient whichpeople used to make a vaccine, but also another element like aluminum. Manyvaccines contain aluminum salts such as aluminum hydroxide, aluminum phosphateor potassium aluminum sulfate. They are inferred for using as the extramedicine or additional dose in order to bolster the immune response to thevaccine in which can cause neurological harm to people. Neurological is allabout the disorder of the nervous system in the brain. It linked to brain,spinal cord, autonomic nervous system, neuromuscular junction, and muscles.



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