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In the movie “To Kill a Mockingbird” there are many different types of discrimination, scout was ridiculed for being a tomboy which is different from from other girls in this novel. A another good example of discrimination is Boo Radley, he was ostracized by the people in this novel because not many people knew him. The little girl character named Scout was made fun of by the mean old lady next door. In the movie the old woman called the girl ugly as she ran by her house. She called out ” Hey there you ugly girl!” and i guess that would hurt the little girls feelings. The reason she was being made fun of was because she was a tomboy and she dressed and acted like one. This is an example of discrimination because they were judging her because of the way she looked. Back in that day alot of females were expected to wear dresses and do girly stuff. Another form of discrimination i saw in the movie we watched in class was when they were judging that Boo Radley guy who lived in the neighborhood because he was a creepy guy who didn’t get out much. This was a form of discrimination because they judged him without knowing who he was or why he acted creepy. When he saved the two kids lives the night of that pageant he changed the minds of everybody around him. In the movie Atticus Finch, the lawyer was being bullied and harrassed by practically the whole town because he was supporting the black man named Tom Robinson and it was a racist community so the people of that town were acting with Tangential Racism when they were being mean to Atticus Finch for doing his job as a lawyer and defending him in the court. Its not like he was trying to be the black mans friend by doing his job, even though at the end of the movie he was really nice to the black man and his family and he did everything he could to keep him out of jail or being killed before the end of his trial. And the final act of discrimination that was portrayed in the movie we watched was just being plain racist. White against black. When the white lady Mayella lied on the black man Tom to cover up what her dad actually did, the black man was found guilty. The court was racist and the jury was not equal. Atticus tried to point this out to the judge, but the court was biased and it didn’t work  out that way. The black man was found guilty and he was to be transfered to another jail, but he tried to escape and they shot him and killed him. There was alot of discrimination in this story, it makes me mad how the people judged you by what you looked like and how you acted without knowing it. Atticus Finch taught his daughter something important. “You never really understand a person until you consider things from his point of veiw, until you climb into his skin and walk around in it.”

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