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In general men and women have low rates of a serious crime such as homicide or robbery but have a higher rate of crime such as larceny-theft and alcohol and drug offences.Women also have high arrest rates for the same crime as men. Men commit more serious crime than women 80% of violent crimes are committed by men such as murder, rape, robbery assault and 68% of property crimes burglary, motor vehicle, theft, larceny-theft. Both male and female have a similar offending pattern the age group is similar as well only difference is young women have a higher arrest for prostitution.

 Women make up  64% of crime this includes prostitution Women are more likely to commit less serious crimes such as shoplifting, prostitution, bad cheques, welfare fraud, credit fraud, drug possession crime rate can be high as 30 to 40  percent.  Women are also less likely to cause serious injuries compared to those of men. Men are physically stronger and have more muscle mass compared to women.Women are less likely to be a repeat criminal offender than males. Therefore they have a shorter career in crime some careers are shoplifting, prostitution, drug offences, fraud forgery when women commit crimes they operate solo the group tends to be small where a male is more likely to join a gang more dominated by organised crimes. In the 1980s to 1990s female gangs has increased by 15% but female gangs are less dangerous to male gangs and tend to be less common as well.

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 There are many reasons why women and men commit crimes some reason is                          .  poverty                         .  mixing with the wrong crowd                         .   family problem                        . need to support children                         .

      drugs and alcohol                        .       having no job                        .       poor schooling Women that commit crime are likely to be abused physically, or sexually, from their childhood and as adults than males.  Women do commit serious crime such as murder but most serial killers are not women statistics show                       .    45% killed family members                      .   10% took the life of someone in their care  – patient, ward, charge                       .

26% murdered friends or acquaintance                        .   19.5% were mixed predators                        .   only 11% murdered strangers. some motives why women kill are                          .

35% killed for profit                          . 28% due to mental illness (hallucinations, delusions)                         . 8% of sadistic thrills                         .  9% were motivated by jealousy, religion, mercy, or drug trafficking or combined motives.  Other less serious crimes women commit is prostitution it is view as a crime because: .  78% of the women studied had been raped an average of 16 times by their pimps each year. they also reported being 33 times a year by the john’s user of a prostitute). 73% had been physically assaulted in prostitution .

62% had been raped in prostitution . 92% had wanted to escape prostitution immediately  . 72% were currently homeless or had been homeless previously . 83% had been victims of an assault with a weapon . 67 percent met the diagnosis of post-traumatic stress disorder . 75% had attempted suicide.  In 1991  85% of prostitutes had been reported of sexual abuse in childhood and 70% reported incest. A majority of women are more likely to experience domestic violence than men the most common form of intimate violence that is reported with 23 percent of women and 11 percent of men that had the same experience.

Therefore female victims of intimate violence were more likely to be committed by their partner’s then strangers. Women that are sent to jail their prison sentence differs from men with women’s sentence being shorter than average.  Almost three- quarters of women sent to jail receive sentence less than one year. Most offence groups were drugs offence (41 percent violence against the person (16 percent) and theft and handling (14 per cent).



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