In development has been divided into two main

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Last updated: May 22, 2019

In the last fewdecades, the concept of “self” of the therapist has been one of the mostimportant subjects in the fields of psychotherapy and counselling (Strawbridge& Woolfe, 2010). Relevant researches have indicated that the degree and thequality of the relationship between therapists and their patients (Donati,2003) are determining the success (or failure) of therapy, while others haveaccumulated the universal success of therapeutic methods (Cooper & McLeod,2011; Loborsky, Singer & Luborsky, 1974; Wampold, 2001). The notion of”common factors” resulting in the determination of therapy’s success focus onthe relationship of the therapist with the client, along with theprofessional’s point of view regarding the concept of counselor’s “self”(Clarkson, 1995). Additionally, the development of the therapist’s self hasbeen highlighted as an equally important issue, directly linked with thepersonal and professional aspects of counselling, thus leading the researchersin the assumption that personal development of the therapist’s self should beachieved simultaneously with his/her technical and therapeutic skills andacademic background (Skovholt & Ronnestad, 1992; Wilkins, 1997).

Counsellordevelopment has been divided into two main categories, so as to emphasize theimportance of the segments “personal development” and “professionaldevelopment” (Skovholt & Ronnestad, 1992). While the expert aptitudes and academic background focusing intotherapeutic work have generally been the fundamental concentration of training,the later affirmation of the significance of the advisor’s self in effectiverestorative result is likewise spoken to in training, with self-improvementturning into a mandatory part of preparing for all Counseling Psychologytrainings and most directing courses (Rizq,2010). Numerous theories regarding the significance ofself-improvement work have been proposed, which feature the connection betweenthe personal and professional parts of the 

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