In The project method refers to research. The

In earlier time, the learning process requires new methods, improvement. In our life, priorities, values, opinions change. Scientific progress, production reaches a new level that satisfies all human needs. The modern world requires a change in the methods of training in the training of future specialists. The new methods by teachers in the teaching process contributes to overcoming stereotypes in the teaching of various disciplines, the professionalism of knowledge and skills,
The productive forms of training with future specialists are the use of active forms and methods of teaching: project creation, public speaking, discussion of important problems, training future employees, creating problem situations, and the ability to use PCs. The transition from information-explanatory education to innovative-effective education is associated with the use in the educational process of new computer and information technologies, electronic textbooks, video materials that provide free search activity, and also presupposes professional development. In game modern modeling, various games are widely represented: business, attestation, organizational and activity. When applying business games, the productively transformative activity of students prevails. Business games are actively distributed in universities and applied to senior courses in the study of certain disciplines.
Innovative educational project activity has presentations of various creative works (reviews, abstracts, reports on professional topics).
The project method refers to research. The basis of this method is the development of cognitive skills of students, the ability to independently build their knowledge.
Creative learning implies free access of each student to the resources of global networks.
Thus, modern methods of teaching students are based on active methods that form creative, modern approaches to understanding professional and scientific activity, develop mind and thinking, help to make optimal decisions in various situations and to develop themselves.

Actual methods of teaching.
Information technologies are very relevant for today. Computers, electronic materials, textbooks, encyclopedias allow you to raise the educational process to a new level. Students receive the educational task, determine the main ways to solve it, find effective ways and means of independent work. Students follow the principles of developing education: they study the sources, compare them, get acquainted with different points of view, compose their description, systematize the reference material. Information technologies contribute to the development of cognitive and cognitive abilities of students: the ability to solve set tasks, collect, analyze and synthesize data, extract information from them, independently think, and have communication skills. As a result of Information technology students are critical of information on the Internet.
Interactive methods of teaching.
In contrast , and by traditional methods where the teacher used to give and claim certain knowledge using interactive forms of learning student he opens the door to knowledge. The student becomes the main acting figure. The teacher in this situation is an active assistant. Assimilation of realities – this is what interactive forms of learning provide.

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Application of tests in the learning process.
The use of tests is a promising educational tool in the university, since the use of personal computers makes it possible to automate the process of processing results and reduce the time spent on verifying decisions. The system of training specialists tests perform the following functions: information, activity, monitoring, actualizing, diagnoses, developmental, educational TV orcheskie and educational training. The immediate result of practical lessons on the developed testing methodology is the formation of skills: to understand the exact meaning of the topic; apply the material to specific relationships; correctly determine the nature and structure of the topic.

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